Yellowquill School's annual Track and Field Day was a huge hit, bringing excitement and joy to students, teachers, and volunteers alike. 

The event, which took place under clear skies, saw students from various grades showcasing their athletic abilities and cheering on their peers. Mr. Cole Goyak, a Grade 5 homeroom teacher, reflected on the day's events with pride. 

r. Cole GoyakMr. Cole Goyak

"It was exciting. All the kids were pumped for today. They worked hard for about a month or two leading up to it, so seeing them put all their practice to work was fantastic."

He highlighted the immense effort that went into organizing the event. 

"Jayla Calder did an incredible job organizing all the people running events, figuring out all the scheduling, and getting all the volunteers. It's a ton of work, and both the kids and I really appreciate it."

The students' enthusiasm was noticeable, with many achieving personal bests and enjoying the friendly competition. Chase Finney, a Grade 6 student who competed in the 100 meters, 200 meters, shot put, and long jump, shared his excitement about the day. 

Chase FinnieChase Finnie

"It's pretty good; we don't have to do any schoolwork."

 Finney joked about the break from regular classes. He enjoyed spending time with friends and participating in the events. 

"I'll probably just hang out with my friends," he said, adding that the day was filled with sitting around, talking, and eating between events.

Finney mentioned that the people who place in the top three in each category get the opportunity to represent their school at a higher level. 

"After this, you get into cities if you get first or second place, and in cities, you go against every school in the Portage la Prairie School Division."

 The school's students and teachers are looking forward to the city-wide competition.