It was another successful year and we thanks everyone who stopped by one of our events. The eventual winner was Ron Russell of Portage who chose the Fuel Tank and Fuel from Marquette Co-op. Darren Toews of Macgregor chose next and picked the 16 foot flat deck trailer from Hi-Tec Trailers. Sam Waldner of the Waldheim Colony won the Milwaukee Tool Kit from Western Bearing and Auto Parts,


Ron Russell

Ron picking up his prize

Here is how the contest worked:


CFRY is ready to hit the road once again and we hope to see you on our Ag-citing April Tour. For the past decade, April has seen some pretty awesome giveaways from the Great Big Fuel Tank to a tank AND trailer. Last year, it was a fuel tank with fuel AND a flat deck trailer which Blye Sissons of Portage was happy to take home.

Who will win this year? Well it could be you. And you. And you! We've split the prize up and this April there will be three different grand prize winners this is what is up for grabs.

• Fuel Tank valued at $4,500, plus $1,000 in Farm Fuel from Marquette Co-op

• 16’ Flat Deck Trailer valued at $5,000 from Hi-Tec Industries

• Milwaukee Tool Kit valued at $500 from Western Bearing & Auto Parts

Tank and Trailer 2017

Things will be very similar to year past. Visit us when we are live on location between 10am and 2pm at our partner locations. This is the only time you can enter. At each stop, you will have a chance at instant prizes plus you can enter your name. After each stop, 5 names will be drawn from the entries at that location only. Those five will go into the grand prize draw which will be made live on the air in the 8am hour on May 1st. At this point, one name will be drawn from the five from each location. That name will go into the reverse draw where we will finally find our three winners! So enter at as many stops as you can for the best opportunity to win.

We'll be pulling the tank and trailer to each stop with a gorgeous Pepperdust Chevy Hi Country with a 6.2l engine from your Chevy and GMC store...Craig Dunn Motor City. Stop by to get a close up look of this brand new truck and of course the tank and trailer.

Craig Dunn 

These are the stops on this years tour

April 11: Western Bearing and Auto Parts, Portage

April 12th: Drummond's Farm Services, Holland

April 13th: Rocky Mountain Equipment, Elie

April 18th: Faurschou Ag Centre, Portage

April 19th: Rocky Mountain Equipment, Portage

April 20th: Craig Dun GM, Portage

April 21st: Nu-Era Seed, Gladstone

April 25th: Interlake Co-op, Eriksdale

April 27th: Fountain Tire, Portage

April 28th: Marquette Co-op, Marquette


Good luck everyone and we hope to see you on the tour,

 April 11th Qualifiers - Dwayne Hird (Treherne), Neil Jordan (Portage), Tom Waldner (Marquette), Jonathan Bodie (Portage), Brian Hofer (Northern Breeze Colony).

 April 12th Qualifiers - Raymond Massinon (Haywood), Charlene Graham (Holland), Don Patenaude (Holland), Ian Pritchard (Treherne), Ken Michiels (Holland).

April 13th Qualifiers - Sam Waldner (Waldheim Colony), Bruce Brown (Portage), Luke Gross (Iberville Colony), Joseph A Wipfy (Maxwell Colony), Bill Kleinsasser (Newton).

April 18th Qualifiers - Jim Moorhouse (Portage), Henry Waldner (Portage), Daryl Gobert (Portage), Row Russell (Portage), Kerry Tomchuk (Rossendale).

April 19th Qualifiers - Milt Mason (Portage), Vic Bueckert (Rossendale), Darren Toews (MacGregor), Royce Krause (Portage), Lance Hofer (Sommerfeld Colony).

April 20th Qualifiers - Randy Painter (MacDonald), Josie Neufeld (Portage), Genny Gobert (Portage), Martin Gross (Sommerfeld Colony), Katie McCallister (Portage).

April 21st Qualifiers - David Single (Plumas), Nathan Hofer (Arden), Jim Manness (Gladstone), Dave Wieler (Gladstone), Alex Kunzelman (Plumas).

April 25th Qualifiers - Thorgilsson Farms (Lundar), Garry Kehler (Eriksdale), Christina Kallstrom (Eriksdale), Ralph Kehler (Eriksdale), Wendy Seglusson (Lundar).

April 27th Qualifiers - Doug McInnes (Portage), Genny Gobert (Portage), Mark Killam (Bagot), Dallas Stangl (Portage), Nicole Holmes (MacDonald).

April 28th Qualifiers - Yvonne Fleury (St. Eustache), Shawn Waldner (Little Creek Colony), Arnold Voth (Woodlands), Jerome Guyot (Fannystelle), Rod Qually (Cartier).
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