With Spring on its way, we are close to the end of the curling season. Here's a list of the upcoming curling events in the province:


End-of-Year Wind-up for the Portage Curling Club:

Another year is almost done and it's time to celebrate the success of our club's 136th year and its members once again, as well as the volunteers who make everything happen! The wind up will be held at Tavern United on March 23rd.

Here's the schedule:

5:45 Supper 
6:30 Recognition of Dean & Dale’s 2016 Nation Senior Men's title and World Silver Medal 
7ish Ladies Tier 1 and Tier 2 & Men’s Championship and Consolation Finals

Please stay for the presentation of the awards of the Wednesday Afternoon Mixed (Burnside), Ladies evening, and mens evening leagues which will be presented after the games have been completed. curling trophy

Deadline for supper tickets was March 20th, but you can still come for the rest of the programme.

Portage Curling Club 2 Stick Curling League: 

This 2 Stick Curling "pick-up" league takes place on Mondays at 1pm.

You do not need to sign up for these events. You can just show up and curl. Sign in starts at 12:45 pm for each event. 

$5/game, payable at sign-up time

There is no age limit. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Bonspiels Across the Province:

March 31st - April 2nd Last Chance Portage Bonspiel

Social Saturday night for curlers. This is an Open bonspiel - everyone is welcome. $160 per team.

You can register for this bonspiel by clicking here . REGISTER ASAP! TICKETS ARE LIMITED!

March 27th - Spring Break Family Funspiel

Sponsored by the Junior High Curling League. Bonspiel will be held at the Portage Curling Club from 3pm - 8pm.

All ages, all abilities welcome - from beginner to experienced curlers!

Kids, grandparents, parents, aunties, uncles, friends…

$10/person includes pizza and drink

Register by March 22nd at 1pm or by clicking here or by calling 857-5411.

March 25th - Open Glow Funspiel in MacGregor
Times : 9:00 AM - 11:45 PM
Description : $80 to enter a team. For more information or to enter please contact Sadie @ 204-685-2390 or Jeff @ 204-685-3123


Mar 21st - 24th Senior Men's Assiniboine Memorial Senior Men's Bonspiel

Location: Assiniboine Memorial CC - Wpg

Contact: Archie at 204-837-8181 
Guaranteed 3 Games
$60.00 per team
Daytime only

Mar 23rd - 26th Mixed Chicken Chef Mixed Provincial Championship

Location Stonewall

Contact the CurlManitoba Office at 204-925-5723 or email: [email protected]
for more information

Mar 23rd - 26th Men's & Ladies Glenboro Men's & Ladies Annual Bonspiel

Location Glenboro

Contact: Shawn McPhail at 204-761-6068 or Kirby Wallis at 204-526-0921 or [email protected]
Entry Fee: $180.00 includes banquet
3 Events
Entry Deadline: March 19th, 2017

Mar 24th Mixed Master's Glenboro Mixed Master's Bonspiel

Location Glenboro

Contact: Shawn McPhail at 204-761-6068 or Kirby Wallis at 204-526-0921 or [email protected]
2 Games during the day only
Entry Fee: $100.00 includes banquet
Entry Deadline: March 19th, 2017

Mar 24th - 26th Mixed Beausejour Mixed Bonspiel

Location Beausejour - Sun Gro Centre

Contact: Jody Cummer at [email protected]
Website: www.beausejourcurlingclub.ca

Mar 24th - 26th MJCT Morris MJCT

Location Morris

Contact: Lorne Hamblin at 204-712-5842 or Chris Hamblin at 204-746-3330
Mail entries to: David Bruneau, Box 162, St. Jean Baptiste, Mb R0G 2B0
Entry Fee: $180.00

Mar 24th - 26, 2017 Spring Mixed Neepawa Spring Mixed Bonspiel

Location Neepawa

Contact: Wanda R. at 204-476-3546
Entry Fee: $120.00
Meal included
e Events 
One lady plays skip or third

Mar 24th - 26, 2017 Ladies Swan Lake Ladies Bonspiel

Location Swan Lake

Contact: Jeff Anderson at 204-836-2269
Entry Fee: $120.00 per rink (with potluck)

Mar 24th - 26, 2017 Any combo of players - Any age Winnipeg Beach What? The Heck!!!! Bonspiel

Location Winnipeg Beach

Contact: Rick at 204-886-2158 or Larry at 204-389-3086
Cash if you win
Cash if you lose
Entry Fee: $160.00/team
3 games guaranteed

Mar 27th - 29, 2017 Junior Deer Lodge Junior Curling Camp Deer Lodge CC - Wpg

Location Deer Lodge CC - Wpg

Contact: Sean Grassie at 204-250-3873 or email [email protected]
Cost: $60.00

Mar 28th - Apr 4, 2017 Masters 44th Fort Garry Masters Bonspiel

Location Fort Garry CC - Wpg

Contact: Case at 204-794-7999 or email at [email protected]
Entry Fee: $120.00
3 Events - Weekdays only

Mar 29th Junior Funspiel Winnipeg Beach Junior Funspiel Winnipeg Beach

Location Winnipeg Beach

Contact: 204-389-5126 or email us at [email protected]
Entry Deadline: Thursday, March 23rd, 2017
Entry Fee: $80.00/team and all teams are guaranteed three 4 end games.
Enter a team of 4 curlers of any gender, 14 years of age or younger as of February 1st, 2017.
All participants will receive a prize and be entered in a closest to the button contest
Lunch is provided for all participants courtesy of our Lakeside Lions

Mar 29th - Apr 2, 2017 Masters Men's (combined age of 240), Senior Women, Juniors, Men's, Women's, Bantam Jamboree - Wednesday Souris Survivor Bonspiel

Location Souris

Contact: Souris Curling Club at 204-483-3669 for more info
March 29 & March 30 - Masters Men's, Senior Ladies & Juniors during the day and Men's & Ladies in the evenings. April 1st & 2nd - Men's and ladies curling all weekend
Banquets on Thursday & Friday night. 
Live entertainment Friday & Saturday evening- free to curlers

Mar 29th - Apr 1, 2017 Men's Stonewall Men's Bonspiel

Location Stonewall

Contact: Ken DeSmet at 204-232-8759 or email: [email protected]
Entry Fee: $160.00

Mar 31st - Apr 2, 2017 Youth (15 & Under, 12 & Under) Chicken Chef Youth Spring Bonspiel

Location Granite CC - Wpg

Contact the CurlManitoba office for more information at 204-925-5723 or email to [email protected]
Entry Deadline: Thursday, March 16th, 2017 by 4:30 p.m. 
Must meet all eligibility requirements

Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2017 Mixed Doubles Deer Lodge Mixed Doubles Bonspiel

Mixed Doubles
March Events
Start March 31, 2017
End April 2, 2017
Location Deer Lodge CC - Wpg

Contact: Sean Grassie at 204-250-3873 or [email protected]
Cost: $80.00/team

Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2017 Open Killarney Last Chance Open Bonspiel

Location Killarney

Contact: Derek McGill at 204-523-6663 or [email protected]

Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2017 Last Chance Manitou Last Chance Bonspiel

Location Manitou

Contact: Grant McLean at 204-242-3388
Entry Fee: $130.00


Sources: www.curlmanitoba.org , www.northnorfolk.ca

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