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 Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn McDermid

Public swimming at Delta Beach is closed for construction and we're pumped for 2018 when it reopens. In the meantime, w here will you be swimming this summer?


*Please remember to drive slowly, watch for kids and clean up after yourself!*

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Hollywood Beach. Photo courtesy of Clorissa Egilson 

Hollywood Beach

HWY 50, near Langruth

Drive time: 45 minutes to an hour

Bird watching, camping, bonfire pits and a beautiful beach.

Recommended by:

  • Clorissa Egilson: Hollywood is beautiful!! And very well maintained the last couple of years. They have so much space and fire pits set up as well. The grass is always cut. It's beautiful.
  • Valerie Kirby:Hollywood Beach Is clean, nice, shady with sand bars !!

 minnedosa beach

Minnedosa Beach. Photo courtesy of Trevor Kussner on Facebook  

Minnedosa Beach

NW of Portage

Drive time: Hour and a half

Recommended by:

  • Amanda Martin:  Minnedosa Beach because it has so much to offer. Fishing, swimming, washrooms, camping, playground, bison, walking, biking, boat launch, food and outdoor fire pits to cook your own food. It's a great place. We love it. 
  • Kristine Loomis: I usually go to Minnedosa Beach. Lots to do there.


Stephenfield. Photo courtesy of Stephenfield Provincial Park / Resort Campers Facebook Page 

Stephenfield Provincial Park

Drive Time: 51 minutes

Recommended by:

  •   Candy Smoke: Stephenfield, a lot of ppl don't even know that place exists ?
  • Lianne Dion-Gapp: Stephenfield since it's near and we are planning to explore Manitoba this summer so we will see where it takes us :)

 st ambroise

St. Ambroise Beach. Photo courtesy of Sheldon Lepine. 

St. Ambroise, NE of Portage

Drive time: 40 minutes

This is the top recommended Beach. 

Recommended by:

  •  Kaitlyn Cora: St. Ambroise was great last weekend!
  • Jessica Fiola: St. Ambroise is the place to be! ??
  • Faron Sinclair: St. Ambroise is a nice beach.
  • Cynthia Kelly: St. A is our fave!!
  • Charla Bullock: St. Ambroise Beach! it's beautiful

 grand beach

Photo courtesy of Grand Beach Manitoba Facebook Page 

Grand Beach

Drive time: 2 hours

Grand Beach Provincial Park is one of the best beaches in North America. Windsurf, climb sand dunes and hike through Ancient Beach trails. This is Canada's sixth largest beach on Lake Winnipeg.

Recommended by:

  • Colleen Boyer : Grand Beach
  • Paul Fisette: Grand beach for me

 birds hill

Photo courtesy of Princess May Barlaan Fider on Facebook. 

Birds Hill Provincial Park

Drive time: Hour and a half

Volleyball courts, bike trails & home to Folk Fest!

Recommended by: 

  • Tanya Kozar Cote: St. Ambrose, Birds Hill, Clear Lake anywhere the road takes me! Life's an adventure


Splash Island

Take a wild ride down the giant waterslides, “Splash Attack” or “Funnel Tunnel”.  Younger children will love the “Bubble Gum Run” and a fun spray area. There's also a lazy river and fountains to splash around in at any age! Free swims: July 19th, August 2nd, August 16th & August 30th from 6 pm – 9 pm. Check open swim times before heading out. 

Recommended by: 

  • Janet Peeters: St. Laurent and Splash Island.
  • Pam Klassen Anderson: Splash Island 
  • Robin Helstrom: Splash Island 
  • Rob Orchard: Going to utilize splash island and maybe the sprinkler.

st malo2

St. Malo Provincial Park. Photo courtesy of Aloy Villaluz. 

 If you're up for an adventure, explore more options here, like Evangeline. 

  • Kayla Hopkins: Margret bruce beach! 
  • Joella Turner: At the cottage at Big Point! I do love Delta though. So excited for it to be cleaned up. 
  • Beverly Ann Storie: Steep Rock 
  • Jenny Sandney: Kiche Manitou in spruce woods. It even has a small dog beach area.
  • Sasha Thorsteinson: No beach trip this year yet, wanna make a trip out to Gimli beach though. 
  • Amber Dawn: St. Malo, Grand Beach, and Pinawa
  •  Evangeline Chan:  Where ever the road takes us. Want to explore Manitoba and find great swimming spots
  • Bar Gorelik:  Hopefully all around Lake Manitoba, going all around from Gimli to Victoria Beach

morden beach

Morden Beach. Photo Courtesy of CFAM 950 Facebook Page. 

If all else,  turn your backyard into your own oasis:

  •  Freddie Pritchard:  With my grand-puppy, if she'll let me . . .  
  • Amanda Zapotochny:  Stephenfield, Morden Beach, backyard... And if the rain pours, the mud puddles behind Canad Inns are epic! Oh yes, proper use of the word Epic there. ?
  • Cheryl Turner:  Run through the sprinkler with my kids.. lol 
  • Brittany Young:  Running through the sprinkler and slip and slide with my little boy
  • Jade Tarr:  8 months pregnant and will be soaking in the kiddie pool in our backyard 

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Stacey Faye : Probably just my bath tub lol

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  Whatever works, right Stacey? ;)


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