Joella Turner - As soon as you realize you're burnt, ice ice ice!! You need to cool the skin down and stop it from burning. You know how a sunburn feels not several hours after you're safely covered? It's because your skin is literally still burning.

Darla Palendat Sanderson - Full fat plain yogurt is the absolute best! It takes the pain away immediately and reduces swelling. Very soothing and next to no peeling. It doesn't hurt at all putting it on, in fact it is instantly soothing to the burn.

Wendy Michelle Wall - I use something called solarcaine as soon as I notice I'm red I put a good layer on. Works really good for the kids too!

Heidi Adams - Aloe!!! If it is really bad some milk on a washcloth and laid on top of the spot. (The nutrients in the milk go into the skin and the coolness soothes the burn)

Chantelle Perih - Coconut oil or baby butt cream!

Wilma Zwiep Reimer - I use Solarcaine spray. You don't have to rub your painful skin and it takes the burn out

Linda Marie Kirton - Alo Vera works well for a Burn, right from the plant itself.

Janice Wiebe - Apple cider vinegar. Straight out of the bottle onto the skin, generously dab with cotton pads.

Brenda Asham - Use sunscreen!

Peter Mandy Sharkey - Vinegar.

Tyler Lukey - Beer. Just forget about the burn.

Krystal Nicholls - Aloe vera gel.

Melissa Stewart - Lavender oil and aloe.

Stacy Dyck - Petro Carb...by Watkins

Jessica Wallace - Noxema works too

Tracy Doell - Coconut oil!!

Jared Thiessen - Aspirin helps to make sure it doesn't get any worse.


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