Chic Gamine

mixblog - chicgamineChic Gamine, Winnipeg MB

In their bio, Chic Gamine is described as embodying the ‘60s girl-group vibe all grown up and living in a new century.

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For me, Chic Gamine is one of my favourite bands to come out of this province - a group who took home a Juno in 2009 for Best Roots Album of the Year, nominated in the same category again in 2010, who performed a the Vancouver Olympic games, spent the following year aggressively touring the US and Canadian festivals and opening for Marc Broussard for six months on his coast to coast tour.


The album that we are hearing songs off today is called Closer and it was just released last month. It marks their first American release as they plot their American take-over. You have to tune in to hear the delectable harmonies and rhythms produced by Ariane Jean, Andrina Turenne, Annick Bremault, Montreal drummer Sacha Daoud and Alexa Dirks of Chic Gamine on Made in Manitoba, Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.!

Kevin Mills

blog - kevinmills2Kevin Mills, Virginia Beach, Virginia (by way of Winnipeg, MB)

Kevin Mills is in the house! He's playing another charity concert for the Glesby Centre Wednesday April 17th in hopes of raising even more funds for the Glesby Centre on the heels of his incredibly successful summer show last year. That show was sold-out and featured brand new songs from the album "Travellin' Through" (August 2012), his first release with Grapevine of Song Garden Music Group in Nashville, Tenessee.

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Next week's show is just one of many on a Canadian tour with about a dozen stops from B.C. to Manitoba, wraping up at the Calvary Temple in Winnipeg. Kevin is currently a career touring musician and pastor taking his message and his music across the U.S. Just announced, Kevin will play Dauphin CountryFest 2013 in June. He is based out of Virginia Beach, Virgina with his wife and former Portager Amanda Mills. He recently graduated with a Bachelors of Organizational Leadership at Regent University, was hired as a Business Advisor for Aflac and continues his commercial voice-over career in the U.S.


Tickets for the Glesby show are moving fast! Get yours by clicking here or drop by the Glesby Centre box office. Hear songs from the album "Travellin' Through" this weekend on Made in Manitoba, as Kevin joins us to talk about what he's been up to and what he's looking forward to this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

A podcast of the show will be available here next week!

Eagle Lake Owls

blog - eaglelakeowlsEagle Lake Owls, Winnipeg MB

Led by singer/songwriter Andy Cole, the Eagle Lake Owls craft songs depicting the Canadian prairie landscape using sparse guitar, cello, trumpet and banjo arrangements. Paired with vocal harmonies, they bring songs about the rural world that so many of us here in the Central Plains are familiar with, to life.

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This weekend on Made in Manitoba we're playing songs from their brand new self-titled album being released this weekend. They play their CD release at the Winnipeg Exchange Community Church Saturday night, in May at the Winnipeg Graffiti Gallery and will be touring Ontario and Quebec this summer to promote it.


Click play as Andy, the band's leader and songwriter, talks about how urban dwellers love to romanticize country life and find out if he thinks he has what it takes to move out to the country and live like the characters in his own songs.

Fender Hill

blog - fenderhillFender Hill, Austin MB

This weekend on Made in Manitoba, CFRY 920AM 93.1FM we feature the pop and alt rock of Fender Hill, a band that spans the prairies with membership from Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Their debut album, "Asylum In The North" was released online via iTunes this past week and Andrew Dyck of Austin, Manitoba joins me to talk what it's been like making music in the Central Plains and what he hopes the album will accomplish.


Hear songs from "Asylum In The North" on Made in Manitoba.

Andrew's been writing music for years and describes his work as an attempt is to paint pictures that people can relate to, and in turn, find solace in. During the day, you can find Andrew working at Austin Elementary School as a Life Skills Coach. He's in Saskatchewan over Spring Break working as a ski instructor and meeting up with the album's co-writer, producer and engineer Kelvin Funkner at his Northeast Christian Recording Studio in Aylsham.

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Desiree Dorion

blog - desireeDesiree Dorion, Dauphin MB

Dauphin's Desiree Dorion only just released her third anticipated studio album and it's already garnered attention. One of the songs “Turn to Me” won her an honourable mention in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition. It's also a touching tribute to her baby daughter Grace.

You might expect a singer to take time off after having a baby, but not Desiree. In her typical 'hard-working-country-girl' style, she was right back at it writing and recording songs. She even stopped by CFRY studios for an interview during that time, with her daughter and husband in tow.

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The album is a follow up to her record “Soul Back Jack” which garnered multiple awards and nominations including Best Country Album and Best Female Artist at the 2010 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, Best Country Artist at the 2010 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, Best Country Album at the 2011 North American Indigenous Image Award, Best Country Album at the 2011 Indian Summer Music Awards and Best Country Album and Best Female Artist at the 2011 Native American Music Awards.


Hear songs from her new album "Small Town Stories" this weekend on Made in Manitoba! Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Kayla Luky & Ben Haddaler

blog - kayla2Kayla Luky of Kayla & Ben, Grandview MB

New this weekend on Made in Manitoba, hear a collection of old-tyme inspired songs recordeded live in the loft of an old abandoned house in the prairies of rural Manitoba. You might even know the place. Venlaw? It's up between the Riding and Duck Mountains. It's also the hometown of alternative country artist Kayla Luky.

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The album, "Kayla & Ben", is a collaberation with folk/alt country musician Ben Haddaler and is meant to be the perfect compliment to the drip of the melting snow outside (listen for creaks of the forgotten house sighing in the winter wind).


The album, "Kayla & Ben" was released just released at the end of January and will be featured on Made in Manitoba with Kayla herself this weekend. Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.!

The New Lightweights

blog - newlightweightsFrom left: Ariel Posen, Alexa Dierks and Ryan Voth of The New Lightweights

The New Lightweights are a soul/pop/country group out of Winnipeg made up of longtime session musicians and a well-known Winnipeg frontwoman.

Alexa Dirks sings with Chic Gamine, among others, and in her off time leads The New Lightweights. A side project for all three members, The New Lightweights make time to write and gets on-stage to perform whenever they all happen to be in the same province. Like the Weakerthans, their music is informed by the Winnipeg and prairies that surround them - whether it's playing a bar downtown or being seperated by long distances of presumabely prairie landscape or a long stretch of Highway 1.

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This weekend we're playing songs off their 2nd EP. What you'll hear is brand new material recently released this past December. Keri Latimer opened the CD release at the Times Changed.


Tune in for Made in Manitoba this weekend Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. to hear new music from The New Lightweights!

Sons Of York

mixblog - sonsofyorkSons Of York, Winnipeg MB

This weekend on Made in Manitoba we turn our attention to the electronic pop/rock of Sons Of York, a DIY band regularly found uploading to Youtube, SoundCloud and Facebook in Winnipeg.

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If you've ever needed inspiration to go out and just make music - let these guys lead the way. They write what they feel and make the music they want when they want to, purely motivated by their tides of creativity.


Last year they had the good fortune of embarking on an Eastern Canadian tour and recorded at John Paul Peters' Private Ear Studios under producer Sandy Taronno (Indicator Indicator, Quinzy). Hear songs from it on Made in Manitoba this weekend! Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Katherine Penfold

mixblog - katherinepenfoldKatherine Penfold, Austin MB

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Katherine Penfold - originally of Austin MB - shares her latest album "Love" with us on Made in Manitoba!

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"Love" was released late 2012 and Katherine hit the road to tour and promote a package of free song downloads from the album ahead of Valentine's Day. She was just in the province performing a string of shows and doing media interviews. 


If you haven't already heard the new album, click play to hear some of the original songs and stories behind them from Katherine herself on Made in Manitoba. We discuss the scope of Katherine's career so far, what she hopes to accomplish and what it takes to get there.

Erin Propp

blog - erinproppErin Propp, Winnipeg MB ~Photo Courtesy of Pauline Boldt

This weekend on Made in Manitoba, sit back and take in the refined musical sensibility of Erin Propp - her voice pure and soft - is a welcome change from the vocals we're so used to hearing in songs played on the radio these days.


2012 was definitely her year. After graduating with a Bachelors of Jazz Studies from the University of Manitoba in 2011, Erin debuted with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, landed an opening spot at Winnipeg Jazz Fest and began work on a full-length album of original material and reimagined jazz standards with vetted Canadian jazz guitarist Larry Roy.

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