Are you an avid "knick-knacker"? Do you want to try your hand at some DIY? Maybe you've been looking for that item for AGES that you just can't seem to find? Here are some tips and tricks on utilizing the Portageonline Classifieds to give you the greatest results -- whether you're buying or selling, there is something for everyone! 


1. Click the "View All Ads" button near the bottom of the screen. 

By doing this, you can check out the latest ads, or organize all ads from prices low to high, prices high to low, date added, most popular, or random. You can even choose to see ads in a listed view or a grid view! To find this list, scroll past the classifieds index, and scroll past the latest ads section. The "view all ads" button is just above the "Post your ad for free!" button. You can also just click the category of your choice and view all the ads in multiple sub-categories from there. 


2. Ensure you have posted your ad in the proper category and sub-category. 

By doing this, you will be able to be found by the right people, and you will have a better chance at selling quicker. There are several different categories and sub-categories to choose from on Portageonline! 


3. Post a picture of your ad if you are able to. 

A sentence is on average 17 words. A picture speaks a 1,000 words. It gives people further information, causes them not to ask as many questions, and you automatically gain more trust from potential buyers. If you are posting an "ISO" (in search of) post, a picture will still help your ad stand out... Even if it's just a microsoft paint image of comic sans font reading "ISO ____". Just kidding, we recommend you don't use comic sans. Nobody likes comic sans. If you can't upload a picture to your computer, log into Portageonline on your smartphone or tablet and upload your picture from there. Just be careful of the picture size! 


4. Boost your ad for only $1 a day. 

That's right. It's only $1 a day to boost your ad and make it to the top of the list. It also highlights your ad in light blue to make it stick out above the rest. Payment is available through Paypal too! This will promote your ad in its sub-category.


5. Ensure you are utilizing keywords about your item for sale or ISO.

Keywords are like the hashtags of search engines. When someone utilizes a certain word like "fun", "DIY" , "antique", "vintage", "shabby chic", or even "rustic", it opens up more opportunities for them to sell to prospective buyers! Make sure you are appropriately naming your items and advertisements as well -- this can make a BIG impact on your marketing! Just make sure your names, keywords, and titles are not misleading. This can cause potential buyers to stay away from your ads by keeping your username in mind next time they shop via POL.


6. Always check on the Policy and Guidelines first before purchasing or buying items. 

These policies and guidelines are meant to protect you and the community. Sometimes items you wouldn't think are necessarily dangerous or illegal to sell actually are. You can access the POL Classifieds Policy and Guidelines here anytime. If you see something that looks fishy or worrisome, don't be afraid to report it by clicking the red flag.  We reserve the right to deny listings based for inappropriate content, at our sole discretion.


7. Ask for help. 

As much as you may not want to, we have the answers to several questions. You can always check out our FAQ here, or speak with our PortageOnline admin whenever you have any questions or concerns. Our office number is 239-5111.


8. If you suspect scam or fraud, look at this list.

We keep track of the most common scams and fraud for you to protect you from being prey to scammers. Keep track of this list, give us a call, or contact your local RCMP detachment for more details. 


9.  The Government of Canada offers tips and information on selling second hand products.

Click here and here to find out what regulations the Government of Canada enforces over certain items. 


10. You can manage, delete, or promote your ads by accessing the dashboard on PortageOnline. 

It's never fun to have to tell someone you no longer have an item for sale when you forget to remove your ad. Once you've sold your item(s), delete the ad on PortageOnline. This saves you time, the potential buyers' time, and it cleans up the pages. If you have forgotten to add pictures or wanted to tweak something later, you can click the blue notepad button to edit it. Want to promote your ad after payday? Click the yellow star. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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