Last night, Jeff Bereza was nominated as the candidate for the Progressive Conservative party for the Portage MLA position. Current MLA Ian Wishart was present at the Island's Fair Board Office, as well. It was a packed house as the motion was made, moved, and passed. 

Bereza was thrilled with the turnout and shares his thoughts.

"It was an exciting evening for me to see all these people here and for their vote of confidence for me," says Bereza. "It was like nothing I've ever experienced before. Through my municipal politics, this is just another step. Again and again, people are afraid to say they're politicians. I'm a politician and I'm really excited to represent Portage la Prairie." 

Bereza was acclaimed as the only candidate to present Portage for the Progressive Conservative Party. Colin Robinson was also putting his name forward, but the circumstances surrounding the reasons for Bereza's acclamation were not related at this time. Bereza adds he went through a very rigorous vetting process. 

"The next step for me is, I believe the campaign starts today," notes Bereza. "It's to get out and see people. So many times, I've heard this, that people say things. But you know what? You gotta listen and I think the other thing for me, is that I want to make sure that we're talking to our members, but we're also talking to the people that are non-members. They have an issue and they need to know that they can contact me anytime. So, the campaign, for me, starts today."