CFRY General Store

CFRY General Store

The CFRY General store airs weekdays from around 1:10 to 1:30. It is your chance to call in if you have something to buy, sell, rent, trade, swap or even give away!

The number to call is 204-239-2960 and we ask people to keep it to three items.

Wilf’s Elie Ford General Store   
May 19, 2022     

St Andrews- for sale- truck, tractor, international discer and a sewing machine-204-7700040 

Portage- for sale- a foot machine for exercising –204- 871-5551 

Winnipeg- for sale- brass button-204-837-1608 

Portage- for sale- a volkswagen beetle  –204-428-3633 

Beausejour- for sale- a collection of lamps –204-268-1565 

Portage-for sale- a bike –204-239-4827 

Portage-for sale- cargo van-204-871-4365 

Rosa-wanted- lego sets from the 80’s and ’90s -204-427-2430 204-380-9376 

Plumas-for sale- cattle trailer and grain bins –204-476-6732 

Portage- for sale- tires and a violin- 204-871-2224 

Fraserwood – for sale- black angus bull- 204-886-7009 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2007 pontiac van and 2007 chevy –204-250-4928 

West St Paul- for sale- tires and lp records-204-770-1872 

Winnipeg-for sale- diesel engines –204-509-3191 

Portage- for sale- gas cans –204-857-7444 

Winnipeg- for sale- a bbq, a cooler and a small animal cage-204-832-1490 

Broad Valley - for sale- cultivator –204-372-6832 

Fraserwood- for sale black angus bulls –204- 643-5541 

Mccreary-for sale- garden shed- wanted- a tractor-204-4962147 

Brandon- for sale- a boat-204-724-0766 

Wilf’s Elie Ford General Store   
May 18, 2022     

Beausejour - for sale- trucks, tractors, combines, tires and rims –204-268-1888 

Interlake-wanted- 1034 rear tractor tires and a john deere 600 amt –431-737-6441 

Peguis- for sale-1030 case tractor with a cab-431-767-5555 

Winnipeg-for sale-brass button harness-204-8371608 

Niverville –wanted- a moped-204-371-8756 

Winnipeg-for sale- tires –204- 2243489 

Miami- for sale- fishing boat and wire wrapper –204-825-4037 

Pilot Mound- wanted- a mower deck-204- 729-1050 

Interlake- for sale- hobby farm and everything on it-204-739-2091 

Eriksdale- for sale –1997 ford f 150 –204-260-9201 

Winnipeg- for sale- john deere press seed drill and 1997 f 150-204- 282-1880 

Tulane-for sale- land in the rm of Armstrong and tires-204-886-2980  

Crooks Creek- for sale- 2 by 16 douglas fur and used tires-204-770-7771 

Dugald - for sale- driving lines and a drum fan 204- 2270335 

Treherne- for sale- tractor –204-5265235 

Winnipeg- for sale- cast iron cauldron 204-668-2305 

Winnipeg-for sale- bike –204-832-4483  

Winnipeg- for sale- diamond harrow with 2 wings and a cultivator 204-999-9611 

Treherne - for sale- 1985 big red-204-723-0134 


Wilf’s Elie Ford General Store   
May 17, 2022

Wawanesa -for sale- black angus bull calf 204-824-2118 

Interlake-wanted- john deere amt 600, milling machine accessories and bagpipes-431-737-6441 

Newdale- for sale- 3 ride on mowers-204-849 2205 

Portage- for sale- a bbq –204- 857-4883 

Morris-for sale- bobcat, 1992 GMC truck and a tractor –204-746-2016 204-746-5345  

Dugald- wanted- two rear tires for a tractor-204-792-8256 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2007 van and a 2007 chevy –204-250-4928 

Ethelbert- for sale- 2004 load king –204-648-5226 

Dugald- for sale- driving lines and a drum fan-204-227-0335 

Portage- for sale- tires and a violin-204-871-2224 

Winnipeg- for sale- 14-foot john deere press drill, an air compressor, and 93 Volkswagon Jetta-204-282-1880 

Dauphin- for sale- tunnel cover-204-638-9889 

Niverville- wanted- moped-204-371-8756 

Winnipeg- for sale- brass button show harness –204-837-1608 

Stonewall- for sale- john deere 316 and a cultivator-204-795-5348 

Portage- for sale- 1726 john deere snow blower, and a frame for a riding lawn mower-204-428-3633 

Gainsborough- for sale- 15 black angus cows-204-871-0518 

Winnipeg- for sale- 8 foot table and a goalie glove-204-221-5365 

Portage- for sale- lift chair-204-857-8385 

Portage- for sale- gravel trailer-204-856-6167 

Interlake- for sale- a trailer-204- 278-3452 

West St Paul – for sale- tires-204-770-1872 

Wilf’s Elie Ford General Store   
May 16, 2022    

St Andrews- for sale- tires and rims, an international 15-foot model 100 discer and an international truck-204-770-0040 

Crystal City- wanted-a used round bailer- 204-825-4082 

Morris-for sale- bobcat, 1992 gmc truck and a tractor –204-746-2016 204-746-5345 

Selkirk- wanted- an outboard-204-7852699 

Interlake- wanted- john deere 600 amt, set of bagpipes and a tire changing machine-431-737-6441 

Portage- for sale- 1999 ford explorer-204-4283633 

Pilot mound- wanted- parts for a john deere riding mower –204-729-1050 

Rosendale-wanted- john deere lawn tractor for parts and a 3 point hitch arms for a david brown tractor 252-2128 

Winnipeg-for sale- brass button show harness-204-8371608 

St Andrews- for sale- trailer and a 3500 watt generator-204- 7853344 

Interlake- for sale-trailer and a buggy for a team of horses-204- 278-3452 

Fisher Branch- for sale- cattle trailer- 204-739-6446 

Winnipeg- for sale –john deere gator tractor kids, kitchen table and chair set-204-781-6852 

Winnipeg- for sale- john deere press drill, 04 chevy and 97 f 150-204-282-1880 

Lockport- for sale- pool and a ping pong table –204-791-4413 

Portage- for sale- tractor tires-204-252-2686 

Forrest- for sale- 1994 golden falcon-204-761-7446 

St Claude- for sale- golf cart-wanted- dirt bike and a dog for the yard-204-379-2512 

High Bluff- for sale- a pile of scrap-204-872-0387 

Holland- wanted- old ad signs, gas and oil signs, old gas pumps-204-526-0459  

Wilf’s Elie Ford General Store   
May 13, 2022   

Brandon- wanted- a well cover-for sale- solar panel-204-727-0784 

Winnipeg-for sale- brass button to dress horses-204-837-1608 

Interlake-wanted-hustler mower, 1994 chevy and an anvil-431-737-6441 

Tulane-for sale- land in the RM of armstrong and tires-204-861-2193 204-886-2980 

Winnipeg-for sale- 2007 Pontiac van-204-250-4928  

Beausejour-for sale- set of four rims-204-268-5364 

Selkirk- wanted- four cylinder car-204-297-6242 

Newdale-for sale- john deere ride mower and motorcycle -204-849-2205 

Interlake-for sale- a hobby farm and everything on it-204-739-2091 

Portage- for sale- band saw and a sewing machine-204-428-3633 

Treherne- give away- cats-204-239-2438 

Brandon-for sale- 7313 in wheel drill-204-728-6587 

MacGregor-for sale- dry straw bales-204-685-2397 

Wilf’s Elie Ford General Store   
May 12, 2022 

St Andrews- for sale- tires, a discer and an auger-204-770-0040 

Interlake-wanted- rear tractor tires, tire changing machine and milling machine accessories-431-737-6441 

Rathwell- wanted- lawnmower 204-723-0796 

Brandon- for sale- cows-204-761-7895 

Eriksdale- for sale- rabbits and roosters-204-739-5567 

Plumas-for sale- 36 john deere and culvator for parts –204- 4766631 

Macgregor - for sale- tractor for parts–204-794-0262 

Beausejour-for sale- barrel style grill-204-268-5364 

Interlake-for sale- 3020 john deere-204-642-2875 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2x6 lumber -431-688-7717 

Interlake- for sale- harness and clippers-204-278-3452 

Vita-for sale- 2003 gmc van for parts-204-425-3131 

Winnipeg-for sale- 4 rims, john deere whole press drill and an air compressor-204-282-1880 

Interlake-for sale-hobby farm and everything on it-204-739-2091 

Portage- for sale- john deere press drill and 271 detriot engine for parts-204- 252-2686 

Portage- for sale- deep freeze, snow blower and electric chainsaw 204-857-2542 

Alonsa- for sale- tires-204-767-2365