CFRY General Store

CFRY General Store

The CFRY General store airs weekdays from around 1:10 to 1:30. It is your chance to call in if you have something to buy, sell, rent, trade, swap or even give away!

The number to call is 204-239-2960 and we ask people to keep it to three items.


August 5th, 2022 

Beausejour- for sale- hayland and everything on his farm-204-268-1888      

Eriksdale- for sale-trucks and trailers-204-739-2091   

Winnipeg- for sale- two twin beds, and a wagon-204-221-5365 

Transcona- for sale- 204-224-1318 

Winnipeg-for sale-winter tires and golf cart batteries-204-7720810 

Interlake- for sale- meds for cattle and a bear rug-204-278-3452 

Plumas-for sale- headlights from a 27 ponitac-204-386-2399 

McCreary- for sale – four wheel scooter-204-835-2537 

Vita-wanted- go chair-for sale- a large light oak wood table-204-425-3131 

??-for sale- king quad and a 1984 big red-204-886-3115 

Vita- for sale- sheep shear and 3 goat clippers and vhs-204-425-3613 

West St Paul – for sale-  a black cat sign and a windshield-204-232-2919 

Portage- for sale- a boys 24 inch mountain bike and a 5 foot ladder-204-872-4786 

Portage- for sale- a guitar and a vioilin-204-871-2224  

Alonsa- for sale- 3 tires-204-767-2365 

Rosser- for sale- mower blades-204-981-0656 

Roblin- for sale- old golf carts-204-937-4778 


August 4th, 2022 

St Andrews- for sale- a combine, a swather and a tractor-204-770-0040 

Winnipeg- for sale- mattress, chair and table-204-416-3701 

Interlake-wanted- set of bagpipes, banjo and milling machine accessories-431-737-6441 

Arborg- for sale- 2014 ranger-204-641-1939 

Dugald - for sale- driving lines –204-2270335 

Winnipeg- for sale- single beds and a wagon –204- 221-5365 

Portage- for sale- sb 11 48 3 point hitch and a tools-204-239-6613 

Interlake- for sale- tractors and trailers plus furniture –204-739-2091 

St Claude- for sale- lawn mower-204-3792688 

Teulon  – for sale- combine 204 981-5199 

Winnipeg- for sale- girls bike, a dolly and tires-204-981-1553 

Winnipeg- for sale- a tractor, 2006 van and a 2007 chevy-204-2504928 

Rossendale- giveaway- a water bed-204-252-2166 

Plumas- for sale- 1 pair of headlights-204-3862399 

Alonsa- for sale- license plates-204-7672091 

High Bluff- for sale- fur-wanted- 1 sheet of plywood-204-8579958 

Portage- for sale- guitar-204-871-2224 

Holland- wanted- ad signs –204-526-0459 

Portage-for sale- a kitchen table and boys bikes-204-872-4786 

Brandon- for sale- puppies-204-894-2434 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2000 honda civic-204-282-1880 


August 3rd, 2022 
Beausejour- for sale- hayland and everything on his farm-204-268-1888    

Eriksdale- for sale-trucks and trailers-204-7392091 

Selkirk- for sale- truck cover and tires-204-2976242 

Winnipeg- for sale- table and a goalie glove-204- 221-5365 

High Bluff –for sale- fur-204-857-9958 

Interlake-wanted- a case crawler and milling machine accessories-431-737-6441 

MacGregor- for sale- a house-204-685-2372 

Interlake- for sale- big bear rug-204-278-3452 

Brandon- for sale- 1965 john deere tractor-204-728-5939 

St Claude- for sale- 2006 dodge Dakota and an exercise machine –wanted- a swather –204-870-9084 

Stephenfield- for sale- a 12-foot blade and a 2950 john deere-204-828-3460 

Elm Creek- wanted- 73-79 ford -204-750-1470 

Portage-for sale- repair manuals for cat equipment and a Detroit diesel for parts -204-252-2686 

Portage- for sale- 2 Elvis purses, a black coffee maker and a small-sized dolly-204-856-7240 

Morden- for sale- 565 bailer-204-861-0003 

Crane River- for sale- two pairs of riders chaps-204 732-2388 -204-648-3463 

Minnedosa- wanted – pair of rear tractor tires and a fuel tank-204-867-3324 

St Andrews- for sale- vintage tractor-204-757-2023 

Portage-wanted- old floor tiles-204-856-7552 


August 2nd, 2022 

Portage-for sale- a wheel chair-204-2395621 

Interlake- wanted- milling machine accessories, an anvil and a set of bagpipes-431-737-6441 

Portage- for sale- a utility trailer and a guitar-204-871-2224 

Dufresne- for sale- two trucks-204-866-3607 

Warren-for sale- sheep, lambs and a wheel chair-204-322-5652 

Brandon-for sale-21-foot vehicle and a breadmaker-204-727-0725 

Ebb & Flow- wanted- 6 wheel and a narrow swather-204-618-3061 

St Claude-for sale-2006 dodge Dakota four-wheel drive and an exercise machine- wanted- a 12-foot swather-204-870-9084 

Gainsborough- for sale- two wall units 204–428-3908 

Portage- for sale- solid wood table and a boys bike and a plant stand-204-872-4786 

Haywood- for sale- used ag sprayer –204-871-7598   

Interlake- for sale- round bailer and a black bear rug -204-278-3452 

Manitou- for sale- tires-204-562-3594 

Portage- for sale- 39-inch bed 204-240-7987 

Winnipeg- for sale- an air compressor-204-282-1880 

High Bluff- for sale- fur –wanted- a moving dolly-204-857-9958 


July 29th, 2022  
Selkirk- for sale- 2 walking belts and one arm splint brace-204-482-5962 

Interlake-wanted- commercial mower, case 680 g and an anvil 431-737-6441 

Portage- for sale- a keyboard and a tv-204-240-9000 

St Claude- wanted- a rear rim that would fit a tractor-204-379-2394 

Portage-for sale-1922 horsepower engine, tractor tires and cultivator 204-252-2686 

Winnipeg- for sale- 4000 case diesel tractor, a 2006 van and a 2007 chevy-204-250-4928 

Portage- for sale- a child road racer bike-204-856-3083

Notre Dame- for sale- side by side and a model 4900 cultivator-204-781-7821 

Portage- for sale- garage sale all weekend-204-856-7240 

Interlake-for sale- headgate for cattle and a round bailer-204-278-3452 

Lundar-for sale- bail wrapper, 204-739-3022 

Winnipeg- for sale- couch and a table-204-416-3701   

Dufresne - for sale- two vehicles-204-866-3607 

North of Brandon- for sale- 5th wheel camper-204- 761-7446 

Baggot- for sale- motorbike -204-872-2101 

Winnipeg- wanted- used 750 and a 780 john deere tractor for parts-204-338-0558. 

Miami- for sale- little house-204-825-4037 

Selkirk- for sale- ?? -204-297-6242 

Gainsborough - for sale- 30 black Angus-204-871-0518 

Vita- for sale- sheep shears and VHS and DVD's-204-425-3613. 


July 28th, 2022  

St Andrews- Massey Ferguson combine, 1977 swather and a tractor-204-770-0040 

Beausejour- for sale- hayland and everything on his farm-204-268-1888    

Brandon- for sale- a vehicle-204-727-0725 

Winnipeg- for sale- a tent-204-291-0436 

St Claude-for sale- 2006 dodge Dakota and an exercise machine-204-870-9084 

Crooks Creek-for sale- Douglas fur and tires-204-770-7771  

Alonsa-for sale- a table and a swag lamp-204-767-2091 

Interlake-wanted- 6-foot hustler mower and a john deere 600 amt-431-737-6441 

Portage- for sale- a guitar and violin-204-871-2224 

Stonewall-wanted- brown chickens-204-294-0144 

Neepawa- for sale- 2006 chevy-204-841-1959 

North of Brandon-204- 5th wheel trailer-204- 761-7446 

Baggot- for sale- motorbike carrier-204-872-2101 

Broadvalley- for sale- cultivator and a Michigan loader-204-372-6832 

Newdale- giveaway- 3 female cats-204-849-2240 

Winnipeg- for sale- snowmobile trailer and an ice fishing auger-204-224-3489 

Sanford- for sale-2008 dodge caravan –204-981-3082 

Portage-for sale- 1922 engine, tires and a cultivator-204-252-2686   

Vita- for sale- wheelchair lift, chickens –204-425-3131 

Winnipeg- for sale- couch and a table-204-416-3701 


July 27th, 2022  

Eriksdale- for sale- trucks and trailers-204-739-2091   

Beausejour- for sale- hayland and everything on his farm-204-268-1888   

Interlake-wanted- a tire changing machine, 94 chevy and bagpipes- 431-737-6441 

Alonsa- for sale- 15 brass slay bells for horses and a velvet rocking chair 767 2091 

Graysville-for a sale- a combine-204-750-2432 or 204-828-3440 

Oakbank- for sale- exercise equipment and rocking chairs-204-444-2642 

Holland-wanted- vintage signs or silver coins for sale couple couches-204-526-0459 

Portage- for sale- night crawler 239-6613 

Camper- for sale- an old radio-204-481-2575 

Brandon- for sale- 1994 golden falcon trailer-204-761-7446 

Arborg- for sale- used tractor tires-204-642-2414 

Winnipeg- for sale- a wheelchair-204-260-6022 

McCreary- for sale- 12 foot swather-204-835-2209 

Fraserwood- for sale- 3 point hitch-204-8867009 

Winnipeg- for sale- Furgeson TE for parts-204-282-1880 

Vita-wanted- strawberries- for sale- sheep shear-204-425-3613 

St Claude-for sale- dodge Dakota for parts and an exercise machine-204-870-9084 

Winnipeg- for sale- a bookcase and a few kids bikes-204-3901537 

Fisher branch- for sale- a combine-204-372-6826 

Portage-for sale- 1922 engine, tires and a cultivator-204-252-2686 

Stephenfield-for sale- tractor-204-828-3460 


July 26th, 2022     
St Claude-wanted- chimney blocks-for sale- cultivator-204-379-2204 

Portage- for sale- full-sized service lot-204-856-6244 or 204-240-4414 

Newdale- for sale- ride on lawn tractors-204-849-2205 

Brandon- for sale- vehicle-204-727-0725 

Eriksdale- for sale- trucks and trailers-204-739-2091 

Portage- for sale- truck-204-856-3283 

Minnedosa- for sale- tires -204-867-2221 

Winnipeg-for sale- 4 chairs, a table, and a couch –204-416-3701 

Winnipeg- for sale- a walker, shower chair-204-831-1831  

Dufrane- for sale- 3 vehicles-204-866-3607 

Portage-for sale- 4 full disc hub caps, duffle bag and 204-857-8459 or 204-856-3289 

Alonsa- for sale- shop tractor manuals accordion and 2000 pieces of connects-204-767-2091 

Portage- for sale- a truck-204-428-3633 

MacGregor- for sale- international swather and a bail picker-204- 685-2397 

Brandon-for sale- john deere 1965 3020 –204-728-5939  

Interlake- wanted- 6-foot commercial mower, a john deere 600 amt and a case 450- 431-737-6441 

Winnipeg- for sale- a ford 600, 1973 international and a large air compressor-204-282-1880 

Brandon- for sale- a trailer and a walker-204-725-7944


July 25th, 2022     

Interlake- wanted- 6-foot commercial lawn mower, john deere 600 amt and milling machine accessories 431-737-6441 

Laurier-for sale- gazebo and two cast iron umbrellas -204- 431-233-3114 

Winnipeg- wanted- a snowblower-204-223-1606 

Winnipeg-for sale- 2006 van and a 2007 chevy-204-250-4928 

St Andrews- for sale- ACDC welder-204-7817792 

Winnipeg-missing dog-204-302-0095 

St Claude-for sale- 2006 dodge Dakota for parts only and an exercise machine-204-870-9084 

Warren- for sale- purebred lambs, used gas cart and a wheel chair-204-322-5652 

Winnipeg- for sale- an air compressor, 86 f 150 and 4 rims-204-2821880 

Portage-wanted- a tailgate for a ford f100-204-856-3038 

Portage- for sale- 1922 engine, tractor tires, loader tires and cultivator-204-252-2686 

Starbuck- for sale- john deere 1958, parts bins and a yard trailer-204-735-2479 

Winnipeg- for sale- radio flyer wagon and two bikes-204-781-6852  

Tulane-for sale- 2016 ford-204-461-3845 

Austin- for sale- diesel engine –204-526-5453 

Arborg- wanted- stove-204-407-8945 

Winnipeg- for sale- a carpet and a desk-204-885-3870 


July 22nd, 2022   

Winnipeg- for sale – horse buttons-204-837-1608 

Winnipeg- for sale- double mattress, two couch, and a nice table-204-416-3701 

Saint Claude-for sale- 2006 dodge Dakota 4 wheel drive-204-870-9084 

Portage- for sale- guitar and a violin-204-871-2224 

Interlake-wanted- case 450, case 680 g and 94 chevy-431-737-6441 

Morden- wanted- international tractor-204-325-2568 

Argyle- for sale- 1971 international-204-886-7428 

Minnedosa-wanted- tires-204-867-3324 

South East-for sale- two mayors and a wheelchair lift-204-425-3131 

Winnipeg- for sale- case 400 tractor, a van and a 2007 chevy-wanted- a rome disc-204-250- 4928 

Portage-for sale-band saw-204-871-7775 

Winnipeg- for sale- desk, 8x10 carpet and a night table-204-885-3870 or 204-227-0172 

Stonewall- for sale- small 20-foot travel trailer –204-467-5938 

Portage-for sale- 1977 dodge mini motor home-204-428-3633 

Lundar-for sale- puppies-204-762 5782 

Dugald-for sale- two garden tractors and two yard lights, and a 42-inch drum fan-204-227-0335 

Winnipeg- for sale- 8-foot tables and two pairs of pants-204-221-5365 

Selkirk- for sale- a truck cover-204-297-6242 

Winnipeg- wanted- a push mower-204-291-0436 

Portage- for sale- tires and a press drill-204-252-2686