CFRY General Store

CFRY General Store

The CFRY General store airs weekdays from around 1:10 to 1:30. It is your chance to call in if you have something to buy, sell, rent, trade, swap or even give away!! CFRY General Store 


Feb 23, 2024 

 Interlake- wanted- John deere amt, Chevy pickup and a case 450--431-737-6441- 

Minnedosa- for sale- tires-204- 867-2221- 

Elie- wanted- a car and cottage lot-204- 771-3819-  

Inwood- for sale- 1997 Ford Halfton and a trailer–204-278-3768- 

Portage-wanted- high chair -239-7006- 

Portage- wanted- parts for a truck –for sale- ice fishing shack- 204-871-7775- 

Portage- for sale- guitars, banjos and moving boxes-204-647-0127- 

Portage- for sale- heavy-duty harrow, engine, loader tire and cultivator –204-252-2686-  

Beausejour - for sale- four set tires and an engine–204- 403-5991- 

Niverville – for sale- signs –204-371-2228- 

Portage- for sale- firewood 428-3163- 

Ashern- for sale- 2019 Chevy impala-204-768-0367- 

Holland- wanted- gas station signs, silver coins and fuel pumps –204-526-0459- 

Roblin- wanted- tire 900x20, curling brooms-204-937-4778- 

Winnipeg- for sale- 1986 f 150 and a 1973 lone star- 204-282-1880- 

St Andrews- wanted- light up radio sign and Roy Oberson 78 record–204-338-1452- 

MacG- for sale- 3 prone bail fork and a cattle head gate-204-685-2044- 

Winnipeg- for sale- golf cart batteries –204- 772-0810- 

Poplar Point- for sale- truck tires and oak-204-998-4011 

Stonewall – wanted- a cargo trailer –204- 467-5938-    

Feb 22, 2024 

Winnipeg- for sale- numerous framed wildlife pictures- 204- 334-2929- 

Niverville –for sale- all seasons-371-8756- 

Portage- for sale- a stair lift –204- 240-7987- 

Winnipeg- wanted- a car and a cottage lot-204-771-3819- 

Arden – for sale- 3-inch water pump –204- 212-0951- 

Portage- for sale- cross country ski trainer –204- 856-6782- 

Winnipeg- for sale- grain truck, 2000 Honda and a 1996 gmc-204282-1880- 

Lockport-wanted- 830 John Deere tractor 757-2946-  

Hamiota- wanted- 235 car engine 764-2300- 

Austin- for sale-pickup truck –204-595-8043- 

Eriksdale- for sale- bail processor-204-739-3276- 

Portage- for sale- grain trailer, 14 a rad and a four cylinder engine –204-252-2686-  

Feb 21, 2024 

Niverville- for sale- four tires-204- 371-8756-  

Hamiota – wanted- 235 Chevy engine –764-2300 

Winnipeg- wanted- a four-cylinder car and a cottage lot –204-771-3819- 

Minnedosa- for sale- a bath chair –204- 868-8067- 

Basswood-wanted- John Deere garden tractor and wheat –204-874-2302- 

Interlake- for sale- brand set of tires, 2012 Honda 700 and a trailer plate–204-278-3452- 

Beausejour - for sale- four set tires –204- 403-5991 

Sanford- for sale-2018 4 x 4 -204-981-3082- 

Lundar- wanted- a blue heeler pup – for sale- 300 bails of hay-204-664-5425 or 204-739-3645 

Holland- wanted- vintage signs, old tire signs, oil fuel pumps, baseball cards, silver coins, VHS tapes unopened-204- 526-0459- 

Inwood- wanted- 034 chainsaw for parts 278-3427- 

Rosser – for sale – 1996 f 250, 2000 Honda, tailgate and a 1983 f 350 –204-880-3131-  

Portage- for sale- older grain vac, 1979 blazer and an engine-204- 252-2686- 

Feb 20, 2024 

Gainsborough- for sale- international –204-871-0518- 

Interlake- wanted- 18-20 foot storage box, hustler commercial mower 6 foot 290 and a 1994 Chevy pickup-431-737-6441- 

Portage- wanted- box liner for a Ford half-ton –204- 428-3986- 

Winnipeg- wanted- cheap car and a cottage lot-204-771-3819- 

St Andrews- wanted- 3 point hitch –204-781-7792- 

Basswood – for sale- garden tractor and a wheat-204-874-2302- 

Elm Creek – wanted- 22.5 semi rims and a 04-08 Ford f 150 for parts–204-750-1470- 

Portage –wanted- 15-inch rims – for sale- 204-871-7775-   

Gainsborough- for sale- a hedgehog –204-428-5392- 

Portage- for sale- guitar and bass amp-204-871-2224- 

Winnipeg- for sale- vacuum –204- 338-4806-  

West St Paul- for sale- set of four tires –204- 232-2919- 

Holland- for sale- 5-and-a-half foot truck box and a tank transform pump-–204- 526-7181- 

Rosser- for sale- 1996 f 250 and a 1983 f 350 –204-880-3131- 

Rathwell –wanted- set of tractor tires –for sale- a seat for a quad-204-723-0796- 

Camper- wanted- 350 Chevy engine vortex –204- 481-2575- 

Portage- for sale- dining room chairs and record player-204-239-4094- 

Austin- for sale- 15-ton railway jack - wanted- sandblaster - 204-901-0270- 


Feb 16, 2024 

Portage- for sale- ice fishing shack –204-871-7775- 

MacG- for sale- dishwasher –204-871-2721 

Winnipeg- wanted- a car and a cottage lot-204-771-3819- 

Gimli –for sale- burning barrel and tools –204-378-2498-  

Gunton – for sale- leather couch and chair, 700 lbs Heffer and 1965 dodge-204-891-7967- 

Beausejour- for sale- tires –204- 403-5991- 

Portage- for sale- dining room table and four chairs-204-871-5551- 

Carberry- for sale- foot massger-204- 834-2880- 

Portage- for sale- d6 cat c model parts books, 1979 Chevy Blazer hard top and a Patato lifter-204-252-2686- 

Glennella- for sale- puppies-204-352-4342 

Portage- for sale- guitar and a bass amp 871-2224- 

Winnipeg- wanted- land cruiser for parts-204-233-7663 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2001 Ford Winstar and 1996 gmc –204-282-1880- 

Fisher Branch – for sale- circulation booster, heater and a deep freeze 372-6884- 

St Agathe- for sale- 2016 Crysler van-204- 981-1937- 

Interlake- for sale- 7-foot caterpillar blade, brand new side-by-side tires and 2012 honda-204-278-3452- 


Feb 15, 2024 

Interlake—wanted- commercial mower hustler 290, 5 wheel utility amt 600 and a 135 massey-431-737-6441- 

Portage-for sale- Bowflex-204-857-7213- 

Inwood- for sale- 1997 ford and a trailer -204-278-3768- 

Hamiota- wanted- parts for a 1953 gmc-204- 764-2300- 

Lundar- wanted- male blue heeler pup-204- 664-5425 or 204 739-3645 

Elie- wanted- a cottage lot and a car -204-771-3819 or 204 771 3819 

Winnipeg- for sale- golf cart batteries-204-772-0810- 

Beausejour- for sale- four tires –204-403-5991- 

Portage- for sale- guitar and a bass amp-204-871-2224- 

St Claude- for sale- Wilston Hiller and a Chevy Pick up-wanted- rear tire-204- 379-2204 - 

Portage- for sale- grain trailer, d8 rad- wanted- motor grader parts –204-252-2686- 

Portage- for sale- record player, ccm bike, rubber boots and records-204-239-4094- 

Winnipeg- for sale- 1996 gmc sierra –204- 282-1880 

Winnipeg- wanted- 2015 radio for an addi-204-296-3810- 

Fisher Branch – for sale- deep freezer-204-372-6884-