CFRY General Store

CFRY General Store

The CFRY General store airs weekdays from around 1:10 to 1:30. It is your chance to call in if you have something to buy, sell, rent, trade, swap or even give away!


December 7th 2022 

Interlake- wanted-1994 chevy, john deere 600 amt and case 450 tractor-431-737-6441 

Holland- for sale- drill and a case cultivator-204-5262560 

Dugald- for sale- driving lines, a truck shell, and a water tank-204-227-0335 

Treherne- wanted- tire chains-204-526-2085 or 204-526-5063 

PEI- wanted- buying some land in portage-1-431-772-4411  

Winnipeg- for sale- two vehicles –wanted- truck cap shell-204-250-4928 

Portage- for sale- tires and a Christmas tree -204-239-7006 

St Andrews- for sale- fridge, a love seat and a stove-204-338-7817 

Winnipeg- wanted- racing cars and HO train stuff -204- 781-6852-  

St Francis Xavier- for sale- 44-inch blade –204- 250-3133 

Transcona- for sale- battery charger-204299-0191 

Beausejour- for sale- master chef bbq and ladies jacket- 204-268-5364 

Winnipeg- for sale- 14-pound bowling ball and men's shoes-204-772-8459 

Rathwell - wanted- starter for a tractor-204-723-0796 

Winnipeg- for sale- heater motor and a floor jack 204-981-1553 

Portage- for sale- four tires-204-239-4094 

Winnipeg- for sale- brand new jackets-204- 227-0172 or 204-8853870 

Fisher Branch- for sale- round bales-204-739-3189 

Portage- for sale- repair manuals-204-252-2686- 

Langruth- for sale- tractor system-204-871-5376 


December 6th 2022 

Brandon- wanted- weather front for an 08 chevy truck-204-727-0784 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2 vehicles-wanted- trailer 250-4928 

Winnipeg- for sale- a goalie glove and a wagon plus pants 221-5365 

Elm Creek- wanted- snowmobiles-for sale- parts for a snowmobile-204- 750-1470 

Selkirk- for sale- bag sewer and a scale-204-482-5177 

PEI- wanted- hobby farm in the interlake 1431-772-4411 

Portage- for sale-2003 Kia-204-871-6622 

Dauphin- for sale- quantity of tires and snowmobile-wanted-cvan lmb –204-6384150 6470569 

St Claude- for sale- winter tires-204-379-2519 

Brandon- for sale- winter boots and a big box of small clothes-204-727-8658 

Ile des Chênes- for sale- snow tires-204-795-3763 

Portage- for sale- older cat repair manuals-wanted- case 580 d back hoe-204-252-2686 

Portage- for sale- 7 20 inch dodge ram rims with tires-204-870-9886 

Portage- for sale- band sprayer and a skid steer bucket-204-871-7309 

Winnipeg- for sale- a trailer and an parts for a washer-204-282-1880 

Pilot Mound – for sale- a generator-431-736-4044 

Winnipeg- for sale- two lady's coats and a table-204-885-3870 

Clear Lake- for sale- alternators –204- 848-2205 

Portage- for sale- used trailer-204-240-4414 

Winnipeg- wanted- an older snowmobiles-204 754 0013 

Austin- for sale- foosball table –204-901-0270 

Winnipeg- wanted- snowplough for a chevy-204- 589-4265 


December 5th 2022 

Interlake- wanted- vertical milling machine accessories, old crucibles and tiring changing machine-431-737-6441 

Portage- for sale- four brand new tires204-239-4094 

Minnedosa- for sale- tires -204-867-2221 

Interlake-wanted- tractor tire chains- for sale- a round bailer and a bear rug-204-278-3452 

Winnipeg – for sale- 2006 and a 2007 vehicles-wanted- utv-204- 250-4928 

Portage- for sale- four snow tires-204- 871-4830 

Alonsa- for sale- an accordin-204-767-2091 

Holland- for sale- hay bales –204- 526-2542 

Winnipeg- for sale- commercial air compressor, an f150 1997 and two rolls of chain length fence-204-282-1880. 

PEI- wanted- buying some land in portage-1-431-772-4411 

Ile des Chênes- for sale- snow tires-204-795-3763 

Lockport- for sale- set of fenders 757 2946 

Arborg- for sale- 2 pairs of front tractor tires -204- 642-2414  

Rosalie- for sale- records and a china cabinet plus a tractor-204-750-2137 

Fisher Branch- for sale-round bales-204-739-3189 

Beausejour- for sale- small wheat bales-204 266-0716 Trehern- wanted- chains for a tractor-204-526-208


December 2nd 2022 

Grindstone- for sale- an indy 500 –204- 222-9350 

Interlake- wanted-  milling machine accessories and a set of bagpipes- 431-334-7558 or 431-737-6441   

Portage- for sale- bruno stair lift-204-240-7987- 

Dugald- for sale- driving lines, water tank and a truck shell-204-227-0335 

Tulane – wanted- canvas tent and a canvas tarps-204-880-6606 

Winnipeg- for sale- goalie glove and pants –221-5365 

Winnipeg- for sale- treadmile-204-257-2151 

Winnipeg- for sale- double mattress, shovel and a double blanket –204-416-3701 

East of Winnipeg- for sale- a christmas trees-204- 268-3227 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2006 and 2007 vehicles –wanted- utv-204- 250-4928 

Arborg- for sale- pigs, 204-641-4149 

Portage- for sale- cat repair manuals,-204- 252-2686 

PEI- wanted- buying some land in portage-1431-772-4411 

Holland- wanted- old vintage signs, license plates, silver coins and old sports team pictures-204- 426-0459   

Portage- wanted- a first car-204- 872-5659 

Fisher Branch- for sale- grass hay-204-739-3189 

West St Paul- for sale- 3 point hitch ditcher-204- 338-9097 

Laurier- for sale- a halfton 4x4-204- 232-2471- 


December 1st 2022 

Winnipeg for sale- ?? -204-837-1608 

Interlake- wanted- milling machine accessories, set of bagpipes-431-334-7558 or 431-737-6441 

Dugald- for sale- floor sweeper for parts, driving lines and a water tank-204-227-0335 

Portage- for sale- toliet railings-204-857-6407 

Portage- for sale- tires and a Christmas tree-204- 239-7006 

Winnipeg- wanted- snow plush blade-for sale- truck topper-204- 589-4265 

Portage- for sale- tire changing machine, front mounted v plough and cat repair manuals –204- 252-2686   

Laurier- for sale- a half-ton truck-204- 232-2471 

Winnipeg- for sale- Christmas tree -204-668-3939- 

Pilot Mound – wanted- tractor tires 825 8609 

Dauphin- for sale- atv ramp-wanted- digital c band dish-204-638 4150-  or 204- 647 0569 

Winnipeg- for sale- bathtub chair and a bench-204- 694-0893 

Oak Bluff – for sale – snow blower and an oil burner-204-736-2952  

Winnipeg- for sale- slide in a bath chair and a goalie glove –204 221 5365 

Portage- for sale- 2009 GMC-204- 856-3283 


November 30th, 2022 

Interlake- wanted- a music swap meet this Saturday in Eriksdale- 431-334-7558- 

Minnedosa- for sale- tires –204-8672221 

Winnipeg- for sale- 10-pin bowling ball and a bag-204-772-8459 

Winnipeg- for sale- men's pants and a wagon-204-221-5365  

Elm Creek- for sale- half section of land-204- 857-2561 

Poplar Point- for sale- carving pen and a 204-243-2634 

Selkirk- for sale- round hay bales-wanted- wood-204-785-8478 

Brandon- for sale- winter boots, small clothes-204-727-8658 

St Andrews- for sale- ice fishing shack and ice auger-wanted- firewood –204-482-9291 

Portage- for sale- v plough, old cat repair manuals –wanted- 580 case d back loader –204- 252-2686  

St Andrews- wanted- old jukeboxes and a record by the Andrews sisters-204-338-1452  

Eriksdale- for sale- trucks and trailers –204- 739-2091 

Winnipeg- for sale- tires-204-334-5181 

c- for sale- a truck-204-232-2471  

Beausejour- for sale- assorted Ukrainian wine glasses and sewing machines-204-268-3404 


November 29th, 2022 

Brandon – for sale- 2004 chevy-204-727-0784 

Winnipeg – for sale- 2006 Pontiac van, 2007 chevy –wanted- used utv-204-250-4928. 

Interlake- wanted- john deere 600 amt, case 450 crawler and a 6 foot commercial mower431-737-6441 

Newdale- for sale- snowmobile trailer-204-849-2205 

Anola- for sale- ice augers-wanted- wants to go hunting-204-782-3456 

St Claude- small sqaure bales-204-379-2616 

Arden- for sale- two poles for getting out of bed-204-212-0847 

Elm Creek – for sale- 80 acres-204-857-2561- 

Portage – for sale- banjo and a guitar –204- 871-2224 

Portage- for sale- v plough, older cat repair manuals and a tire changing machine –204- 252-2686 

Treherne – for sale- fire extinigshers –204-723-2153 

Kinosota- for sale- 2008 crossfire for parts –204- 890-6013 

Lac Du Bonnet- for sale- rear tractor tires- wanted- 204-345-3486 

Oakbank- for sale- driving harness -204- 750 0277 

Portage- for sale- 3 gas stoves-204-887-6523 

Winnipeg- for sale- 4 winter tires-204-334-5181 

Carmen- for sale- 2014 Polaris sportsman-204-745-8520 

Winnipeg- for sale- ladies winter coats-204- 885-3870