While the pandemic forced us to close our doors and stay distant, Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) is hoping to reunite the community.

Coordinator Morag Morison says Get Together Portage: The Neighbourhood Connector Program is designed to get Portagers to reconnect with each other. She says they based this program largely on an existing program in Edmonton, which they call the Block Connector program.

"We have heard a lot from people that they're not feeling as connected with their neighbourhoods or the people on their street," explains Morison. "We're trying to find ways that we can encourage people to do that and help provide resources to increase that connection at the neighbourhood and block level."

She adds, that while they have some ideas on ways to bring the community together, they want to make sure that community input remains a priority. Morag describes one of the roles they'll be hoping to fill by some volunteers in the community.

"For example, one role is as a block connector and that's someone who keeps the people in their block in the loop," says Morison. "Maybe they organize community cleanup and stuff like that, and so we have a signup sheet on our website."  

Other roles that CBYF is looking at filling include having a party planner and favour neighbour. You can also nominate people who you think are already bringing the community closer and they can possibly win a prize.

To learn more and get involved in the program, click here.