First Nations Communities are responding to the increased risk level of COVID-19 along with the rest of Manitoba, and Dakota Tipi just announced their adjusted precautionary measures.

Dakota Tipi First Nation Chief Eric Pashe outlines their efforts.

"Things have been going well here in Dakota Tipi with respect to us not having any local infections that have been recorded or have been listed," says Pashe. "Back in July, we did have a community member that had contracted the COVID-19 virus. One of the things that we've been doing here in Dakota Tipi, as part of new restrictions, is increased restriction time to the community mainly through the evenings. We've actually been doing that since June this past year in regards to those restrictions."

He says another factor they've implemented involves gathering sizes.

"Within that, we've enforced those guidelines accordingly, and we've also looked at having a sign-in log format for people visiting the community at our office locations and public locations here," says Pashe.