The Delta Beach Campground is open and ready for yet another season.

After the disastrous floods of 2011 and 2014, the campground has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Terry Simpson is the Ward Three Councillor for the Portage la Prairie RM, and he shares it's all ready to go. Hydro, sewer and all of that is in working order.

"It's been busy," says Simpson. "It's brand new, and the old is gone. We look forward to doing a little more expansion of some of the sites. Whatever has to be changed will get changed."

About the beach, Simpson shares it's looking great. Adding, because the water didn't rise so much this year, there isn't too much debris out there.

The most exciting part is that the primary channel that leads out to the lake is open and fisherman are already using it to get onto the lake. Simpson notes there are still some piles of limestone, but those will be used up to top up the breakwater structure.