Who took their winter tires off and jinxed us all?

An active weather system developing over north central Alberta will bring a mix of precipitation to Manitoba this week. Brian Proctor, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says the system's first signs will be felt starting Tuesday. 

"We're going to see periods of rain on Tuesday developing in the morning hours and continuing through much of the day and into the overnight period."

We will have a little bit of a break on Wednesday throughout the day with lighter showers, Proctor explains.

"Some mixed rain and snow is what we are probably looking at on Wednesday night and then periods of wet snow," he continues. "On Thursday is when we are really seeing substantial changes, and highs are going to be +2, which is well below what we typically should see this time of the year from a seasonal point of view. That's going to slowly improve through the late afternoon on Friday, and then as we move through the weekend, it starts to warm up and get sunny again, and we'll be looking for daytime highs of about 13 or 14° by Sunday and Monday."

The meteorologist says we are going to see wet snow, which will be quite messy at times during the system.

"I think probably areas that see more significant snowfall accumulations will be areas further to the north and in the Interlake. But we're definitely going to see some wet snow across much of southern Manitoba as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see 5 to 8 centimetres of wet snow by midday on Friday."

Proctor notes that he expects little accumulation with the relatively warm roads, at least initially.

He adds that more information regarding this weather event will become known as we get closer to Wednesday.