On April 29th, 2024 Eva Kirkwood passed away peacefully at the Douglas Campbell Lodge in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.


She was predeceased by her parents Bill and Polly Holinaty, husband Murray Kirkwood, daughters Karla (Neil McLaughlin) Kirkwood and Kamela (Steve Becker) Kirkwood. She’s survived by her son Kendall (Lori-Ann) Kirkwood, granddaughter Andrea (Season) Kirkwood, grandsons Kieffer (Sydney) Kirkwood, Montgomery (Carrie Fan) Kirkwood, Dorian (Kayla Petersen) Montgomery and great granddaughters Cedar Kirkwood and Mila Kirkwood.

Mom grew up on the farm in Yellow Creek, Saskatchewan where hard work was abundant and walking four miles uphill (both ways) to school was apparent. After graduation she enrolled into the Psychiatric Nursing Program in Portage where she excelled, graduated and then went on to earn another diploma in Psychology. She was quickly employed at Manitoba Developmental Centre (MDC) where she met the love of her life Murray and married May 19th, 1956. Both mom and dad were employed at MDC their whole career and soon would both rise to management positions and face the challenges of said positions often discussed around the supper table.
Mom and Dad began their family and introduced their first daughter Karla on June 30th, 1959. Kamela then came along on July 27th, 1962 and finally Kendall on January 17th, 1964. In 1964 mom and dad moved the family to 112 16th NW where she remained until 2022. Growing up in the same house on 16th Street was a treat where everyone knew where you lived, anyone was welcome and you always left with a full belly.

Mom was an amazing cook and the smell of fresh bread, borscht, perogies, perishke, roast beef (with gravy), yorkshire pudding (with gravy) and turkey with all the trimmings filled the home. When you attended a Sunday supper feast you would often meet someone new around the table and eat too much. Mom would always ask you if you wanted more and you would reply, “No thanks, I’m full” and she would say, “What’s a-matter, don’t you like it?” and you would proceed to eat more.
Mom loved to laugh so Kamela and I would carry on until her laughter turned to tears. She would try and tell us to stop but couldn’t get the words out and that was the moment we knew we had succeeded. For fun, mom and dad would dance and if you ever saw them Jive it was a real treat to see. Mom also played baseball, bowled and attended many Scuba-Doo’s hosted by the Portage Neptunes Scuba Club where many late nights were filled with music, laughter and the odd shenanigans around warm open fires throughout many provincial campgrounds in Manitoba. These memories still bring a smile to people’s faces when they reminisce about the days of old. Mom also loved to roll around in the motorhome and visit family on summer holiday’s where we would drive for hours and listen to Nazareth, Elton John, Tom Jones, Roger Whittaker and even a little Nestor Pistor blasting from the 8-track.

Mom’s love for animals was immense. She continuously took sick and half frozen strays in to nurse them back to health. Karla and mom would make winter huts out of coolers and fill the huts with food and water for animals to enjoy throughout the year. Many beautiful birds came daily to visit mom and she had Ukrainian names for many of them. You can still see a mini mountain of bird seed in the front yard at 16th Street and in front of her window at Douglas Campbell as a reminder of all that came.
If you ever met mom, you would feel her genuine kindness and compassion for all living creatures. Her caring and encouraging nature was full of kind words and her sense of humor was infectious. She had a listening ear, grateful heart and gave advice when needed. She always put people first, herself last and many times, mom would do things for people, and they wouldn’t even know who did it. Her warm hugs and I love you will be missed by many.

We need more Eva Kirkwoods in this world, for she was the epitome of what a perfect human being can be, and we should all strive to be. Special thanks to Douglas Campbell Lodge Staff, Home Care, 16th Street friends and all the warm thoughts and prayers we have received.

Even in mom’s passing she kept on giving by donating her body to the University of Manitoba. She didn’t want anything regarding her passing; not even an obituary but the family thought it was important to acknowledge Eva’s passing and have decided to place a marker for Eva Kirkwood showing that she was here.

In lieu of flowers, please spread your kindness and reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while to just tell them you were thinking of them.