Southport will be expanding their storage facilities. They will be building six new outdoor enclosed units that people can apply for. CEO Peggy May spoke about the new units.

"We've had a number of our tenants request additional storage space," says May. "They want it to be enclosed and we're happy to make that addition to our site and make it a nicer looking site. Hopefully we'll grow them as needed by our tenants and residents."

May detailed what is done for storage now.

"It's a compund, it's fenced in," says May. "Things are stored outside in the elements. Winter, snowstorms those kind of things, it's not that easy for customers to access their equipment or supplies."

The units are anticipated to be ready by mid to late August. May notes there have been lots of inquiries already and the units are available to anyone. She adds you can apply via their website or by calling their front desk at (204)428-6030.