The Family Resource Centre has been giving children ages three to five-years-old the chance to learn some culinary skills.  

According to Samantha Prince-Maud, a program assistant for the centre, the "Kids in the Kitchen" is permanent program hosted once a month. 

She says that this course demonstrates and educates children on a "topic of the day" while kitchen rules are discussed and taught.

Prince-Maud highlights that it's been a pleasure to see these children cook, grow and learn together. 

She shares her favourite part of being involved and around the Kids in the Kitchen. 

"This is stuff they probably don't really get to do at home,"  says Prince-Maud. "So, just seeing them having fun with their food, and getting into it, and even making a mess and stuff, it's fun to see the kids enjoying stuff like this." 

Prince-Maud notes that the program goes over safety tips on using knives, peelers, and other equipment while also teaching these youth how to be sanitary in preparing food.  

She adds that the Family Resource Centre hopes that these lessons introduced at such an early age will help when the kids grow older and become teens and adults in said kitchen.