If not for an early morning rain on September 15th, it would have been the driest start to September for Portage la Prairie since 2010.

Local weather observer Henry Romance says he recorded 4.9 millimetres at his home gauge that day, 5.6mm at the gauge located at ICMS on the east end of Portage, and 8.5mm at the airport, for an average of 6.3mm. No other rainfall was recorded for the rest of the first-half.

In 2013, between September 1st and 15th, Portage saw 7 millimetres. In 2012, we had 2.5mm. When looking at the most rainfall for that timeframe, we have to go back to 2018 when we saw 73.6mm.

Earlier this month, Romance looked at summer rainfall. From April 1st to August 31st, he recorded 517 millimetres of rainfall. That is almost double what we've seen the previous three years. (2021: 225mm, 2020: 232mm, 2019: 233mm.)