The Hairstyling Academy at Portage Collegiate Institute (PCI) has hit a big milestone this week. Their fortieth anniversary of having the program at the school. They celebrated on Monday welcoming the community to purchase on-sale salon items, a paraffin wax treatment for your hands, snacks and a tour of the new renovation. This program offers a great opportunity for students who are wanting to pursue hairstyling in the future. After this program, students will have obtained their level 1 qualification, making them eligible to go and work in a salon to obtain their level 2. 

PCI Hairstyling Instructor Brenda Hinch couldn't be more thankful for all of the support the community has given them throughout the forty years.
"I want to thank our clients, customers, families, colleges, the Portage School Division, and the whole community for supporting us."

The program could cost upwards of $20,000. With the program at the school, it is saving the students lots of money. The course teaches them how to do so many things other than hairstyling. Mrs. Hinch notes that this isn't just a normal classroom.

"We do classroom work, but once you get into grade ten, you're on your feet all the time. If you're creative and you love doing hair, this would be the perfect program for you."

The academy's last appointments are on Thursday. However, they will be back accepting clients sometime around the end of September during the next school year.