Today, we keep rolling on by highlighting those honoured at last Friday's 2021 Portage la Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

In this installment of our recap, we look at the "Outstanding Entrepreneur" award winner.

Caitlin Giercke, the owner and pharmacy manager at Pharmasave, was the individual honoured at the ceremony.

After giving a heartfelt, genuine speech, Giercke caught up with us to illustrate her feelings on how winning this award felt.

"It's unreal, you know it's a newer award, it's been around for only a couple of years, but just to see the other previous winners, I just wanted to be in their presence. It's just such an amazing feeling even after the video showed when people cheered, and I just thought, you know what? My community supports me, and it's just so wonderful to be able to support them in my business, so it's wonderful."

Giercke had many people to thank for this honour.

"I mean, first and foremost, I have to thank my husband because he is my rock, he's been there to help support me, he helped me get my business off the ground, I'm putting in long hours. We are very busy with vaccinations and just everything in that respect, and he helps out with our children, we have three young children, and I just couldn't do without him."

She adds who else she is thankful for.

"I just want to thank my staff that I have, my friends, my family, and especially the community. I couldn't do it without them, and that's the reason why I'm here. I just want to be able to support the community and just be there for the long term."

Tomorrow we wrap up our recap of the 2021 Business Awards by talking with Shae Fust, owner of Shae Fust Fitness and the winner of the "Outstanding Business of the Year" award.