The warm weather, that some have been referring to as "Summer in November," might be coming to a close soon, as per the latest update from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

As we progress through the work week, temperatures will get colder, returning to more normal temperatures according to Meteorologist Natalie Hasell, the above seasonal weather will remain until Wednesday evening before dissipating into the night.

"Wednesday looks like the day where temperatures start being below 0 and stay below 0 after that for the rest of the forecast period. There may be some precipitation happening on Wednesday, as well. These days, anytime you have cloud, you might be in the right temperature range to get something."

Hasell explains right now, they are not forecasting anything of concern for the next several days when it comes to precipitation.

"We see temperatures falling below normal by the time we get to Thursday, a high of -7, and a low of -16. So, that's Thursday night into Friday morning. That is the coldest temperature we have in the current forecast."'

Portage has been under El Niño Conditions for weeks, and the forecast suggests we will remain that way well into spring. 

"The El Niño is the warm phase of what we call ENSO or El Niño-Southern Oscillation. So, there are warm waters in the Equatorial Pacific, and due to the influence of the ocean on the atmosphere, that leads to our jet stream. Therefore, the track that low-pressure systems will likely take will be forced to follow the same path repeatedly," she continues. "So, it's not the only thing going on in our atmosphere. There will be some variation on this theme. Generally speaking, the warm phase over the Pacific is more or less warm for us here, too."

Hasell says that above-normal temperatures are typical during an El Niño; however, that doesn't mean we escape the cold altogether.

"Averages are one thing, but what you actually experience is not always reflected by the average. People still need to be prepared for some winter conditions coming up."

She notes that this year's precipitation pattern is unclear with an El Niño in full force.

"There are some people who do research into this stuff who are suggesting that because of these warmer temperatures, we might get more rain than snow in southern Manitoba. We are expecting above-normal temperatures for the period, and the precipitation we get might be more rain than snow. "

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