Lundar product Rachel Halldorson is returning to Interlake Lightning training camp with some extra confidence.

The goaltender was invited to Team Manitoba's U18 Top 40 Camp earlier this month, and she says it was a great learning experience. This was Halldorson's first time at a Team Manitoba event.

"It was really fun because I got to learn in a more fast-paced game," Halldorson explains. "I faced a lot harder shots than I'm used to, and I think that'll help me become a better player."

Last season Halldorson had a save percentage of 0.918 and picked up a pair of wins. The 2006-born goalie was one of the younger players at the camp, and she gained a plethora of knowledge from the older girls.

"Work ethic, having fun, and having a lot of confidence were the most important things I learned," Hallsorson continues. "You need to be able to work outside of just hockey on the weekends to be more prepared for that upcoming weekend and improve your skills."

She notes she learned a lot from the coaches' advice but learned even more just from watching how the best players in the province train and prepare. Now with this experience under her belt, Halldorson talks about what she would do differently if she were invited to the camp again next year.

"I think I would get more outside of my bubble. I embraced it so much this year that I'll be so much more prepared and see what's coming ahead next time."

Halldorson notes she can't wait to get the season going once again with the Lightning.

"We have a lot of new girls on our team, so I'm pretty excited to see what comes for us," Halldorson notes. "I want to see how far we can go this year. Hopefully, we can get a good placement."

Halldorson and the Lightning will begin practicing this month.