Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued a heat warning as temperatures will be intense for the next week or so.

Warning preparedness meteorologist Natalie Hasell says they issue the warning when the daytime high stays at 32 or above, does not fall below 16 at night, and the high for the next day is expected to be above 32 again.

"Strictly speaking, a number of places in southern Manitoba are not really going to reach this warning criteria since tomorrow's temperature forecast is a little bit cooler, but it's close enough," says Hasell. "Erring on the side of caution, and noticing the fact that over the next seven days, there's only one day where temperatures are not near 30 or above."

Hasell says a ridge of high pressure is currently sitting over the Great Lakes. Throw in a low-pressure system sitting over the Lake Winnipeg North Basin, and the combination of those two systems is allowing the warm or hot air to stream up into southern Manitoba.

"It looks like we'll get a bit of a break when a frontal structure goes through on Monday, where temperatures should dip a little bit, but then temperatures return to be quite warm rather quickly, just the next day. So, that'll be the 30th of May," says Hasell. "Looks like it could persist for several days after that, as well. We do get a bit of a break. Take advantage of Monday, but it's a very short break."

You can see more on the forecast here.