To start things off for 2024, the Herman Prior Activity Centre is looking to use some grant funding from CN Rail. Executive Director Kathy Bryce says they'd like to install additional cabinets in the auditorium so they can be close to the kitchen. 

"The cabinets that we're getting built there are for a lot of our catering events," explains Bryce. "Going back to the potato room to get all these supplies has been tough on everybody; a lot of extra steps and a lot of extra work. So, we do have new cabinets that we'll be getting built in the new year."

She says CN Rail provides plenty of help for non-profit organizations and senior centres, especially. Bryce says their approval is seeing $10,000 come their way.

HermanHerman Prior Activity Centre

A coffee house series of activities is starting up in February. Bryce notes it's taking place once a month.

"We have different bands that we're going to be hiring and they'll be local; Portage and surrounding areas," continues Bryce. "A couple of the bands will be younger people. It's for music geared toward the seniors. It seems that seniors love the live music, so we wanted to bring in some of the younger generation to come in and show us all what kind of music is happening with the younger generation."

Bryce says this series will run through four months in a row, and they'll see how that fares for future editions. They're calling the group The Song Catchers.

"We'll be looking at applying with the Canada agency for a summer student this year. So, we'll be having some extra activities happening here in the summer months."

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