Inpatient and 12-hour emergency department services are again operational at the Carman Memorial Hospital.Services were temporarily suspended in early January to complete necessary remediation to the facility’s heating and ventilation systems.

Facility staff, including nursing staff, health care aides and facility management who were redeployed to other Southern health-santé sud sites during the temporary suspension of services, have resumed their roles at the Carman Memorial Hospital.

Jane Curtis, CEO for Southern Health, said they're very pleased with the renovation project, noting it was completed within anticipated timelines.

“I would like to acknowledge the support and guidance of the medical teams in Carman and the Carman Community Health Centre who provided extended hours resulting in sustained delivery of essential health care services throughout the disruption," said Curtis. "I would also like to thank the community leaders for their solid support and the general public for their patience and understanding during this temporary change.”

“We are very grateful to the staff who redeployed to other sites during this temporary suspension,” shares Noreen Shirtliff, Regional Lead – Acute Care & Chief Nursing Officer. “Their flexibility to relocate to where they joined neighbouring health care teams provided much-needed support during a critical time of the pandemic.” A thank you to our maintenance team and contractors who worked on the HVAC project as well as other upgrades during this time.

The emergency department is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.