A local group of volunteers, who have been together for six years, is glad to be giving back to the community again this winter season.

Jan Verwey, one of the committee members of Skating on the Crescent, says that although there may be some disturbance on the ice due to a crack down the middle, they are working on fixing it. Despite the crack, an area has already been cleared and people have been using it. Things should only get better in the days ahead.

"We're getting our Zamboni finished up, and then we'll be able to bring fresh water out and make it a little smoother as best as we can, and have it in great condition for everybody to skate on."

This group of volunteers may be small, but they are mighty. Since it is a smaller group of community members, they are always looking for extra hands.

"We have asked on Facebook a couple of times for volunteers to help clear the ice, and we've had tremendous support," says Verwey. "Everybody has been absolutely fantastic with their help."

She could not be more thankful for the people who have shown up and helped out, as well as those who actually go out and skate on Crescent Lake. A shack has been set up to provide an area for people to put on their skates and a fire pit is also available for use for those wanting to watch and keep warm.

"Seeing that hard work pay off is the best feeling in the world," says Verwey.

Skating on the Crescent will not be ending any time soon. Verwey believes we will have, at least, another two months to tie those skates. You'll find the area just over the causeway that leads into Island Park across from Stride Place.

You can find updates on Skating on the Crescent here.

the shackScott Dewis getting the shack, firepit and seating area set up just before Christmas