This past Saturday night, Portagers came together to enjoy the latest Minions movie and support Koko Platz Community Club's journey to raise funds to replace their rink's ice surface.

As Kaitlyn Coates, a member of the board of directors for Koko Platz, explains, the community club felt the love at this event.

"We were very fortunate, a ton of families came out. They showed up to support us. We're guessing between 150 and 200 people came. Which was wonderful, and we were very fortunate."

Coates says that Prairie City Cinema provided snacks for the movie night and, in the end, donated the majority of their fee for the event, meaning Koko Platz was able to profit over $1000 on the night.

File Photo.Photo Credit- Koko Platz Community Rec Centre - on Facebook

The board member talks about how great it was to see everybody come out.

"It was the first week back to school, so it seemed like the kids were glad to come out and play with everybody on the playground and then watch the movie on the ice surface."

She adds that everyone who attended the event was happy to hear about the future of Koko Platz.

"People seemed really excited that that ball has gotten rolling."