Stride Credit Union has increased the "People Helping People Radiothon's" total amount by recently topping up their donation to $15,000. This made the final total of the two day event $110,428.  The cheque was presented Monday at its Royal Road branch in Portage la Prairie.

Stride Credit Union CEO Brent Budz says they're proud to partner with Central Plains Cancer Services (CPCS).

"The radiothon was very important to the communities and I think it's well known the reach that this organization has. I know it was mentioned a lot last week that you don't have to go very far in many families to hear stories about people impacted by cancer."

He notes Stride's very happy to be able to partner with CPCS and to donate funds on behalf of people who came into their branches to make donations to add to their corporate gift to the cause. 

He shares his reaction to Stride customers' willingness to help out.

"It just resonates with our communities and we know that people are very proud of giving back. We saw that in the donations that they provided to Central Plains Cancer Services. And that, with what Stride was able to also contribute to the total, just warms your heart. And I know it resonated with members." 

Budz adds they have branches throughout the region and all made a real effort to make that reach happen in other communities. 

"They gave funds to a great cause. So we're happy, definitely. The donations that came in were just over $11,000 in Stride topping that up to $15,000. We're just very happy to be part of the whole radiothon and all of the proceeds going to Central Plains Cancer Services."

CPCS executive director Sharilyn Knox says Stride Credit Union has always been a great supporter of the organization.

"In the last number of years when they have merged throughout our region, it even became more important for them to be partners. When they got involved in this radiothon, they took it one step further. They had live-on-locations in their branches and helped us reach out further into our region than we were before and it was a great success."

She notes that knowing that the entire area gives so much to these efforts reassures them that they have the support needed. Knox explains it indicates that people know that what they do is important.

"Cancer touches everyone in every family. So, it doesn't matter whether you live in Neepawa or you live in MacGregor or you live in Glenella, these are people that we help. When people can walk into their Stride Credit Union branch and give back to us, I think it just connects us all as a community."

Knox adds the partnership will always grow and they always make plans as to how they will work together, and they're already excited about next year.