Elm Creek’s own Corinne Schroeder’s final game in the NCAA has put her in the record books. 

The goaltender spent her graduate season with the Quinnipiac Bobcats and helped guide them to an appearance in the NCAA Women’s Hockey Tournament, where she played some of her best hockey. 

The Bobcats won their first game but fell in their second contest to the eventual champions, the Ohio State Buckeyes, however, Schroeder still had a remarkable outing in the loss. The game went to double overtime, and the local product stopped a total of 73 shots in 82 minutes of action. This places her sixth all-time in the NCAA history for saves in a single game.

She talks about the contest.

“It’s always exciting to put your name in the record books as everyone will see it for years to come,” Schroeder explains. “That game was so much fun for me. I love playing against good opponents because that’s where I get a lot of action, and that makes me a lot better. I feel really competitive in those games. It’s really fun to take so many shots, it made me feel on my game and ready. It was a great one to end on, of course, no one wants to end on a loss, especially just before making it to the Frozen Four, but to sum up my career by playing one of my best games ever in the final game, will be really memorable for me.”

Schroeder says this was her first time playing in the NCAA tournament in her five years at that level. The goalie says it was gratifying to finally get there and adds it was an incredible feeling to pick up a win on that stage.

The Elm Creek product will also be in the record books for another reason as she is the first goalie to score a goal in NCAA Women’s Hockey.

“I’m super proud of having accomplished one of my lifetime goals, and it’s an honour to be the first female NCAA goalie to score a goal,” Schroeder continues. “Although it wasn’t the expected shot down the ice, rather coming off a delayed penalty, I’m just happy that I was awarded the goal and made history. It was a great way to start off my season with a new team and looking back, it was a good indicator of the good things to come throughout the season."

Over the course of the season, Schroeder had an impressive 0.950 save percentage and a goals-against-average of just 1.50. The goaltender spent her last four years with Boston University but transferred to Quinnipiac for her final season at the collegiate level. She describes her reason for the change.

“They had already planned to bring a goalie in (at Boston University), so it just seemed right to make a move and not overstay my welcome. It was just time for something fresh for me as well. Playing on the same team for so many years, you get to know what you like and what you don’t like, but it was really nice to make a change. It was cool to experience the recruiting process all over again, from a more informed side, knowing how it goes on the second time around.”

Schroeder thanks all her teammates and coaches from Quinnipiac for helping her make her final season in the NCAA as amazing as it was.

The goalie says she is unaware of what will come next for her but notes she’s looking at her options of going pro in either the Premier Hockey Federation or Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association.