The Portage Rotary Club has been working hard to showcase the best that this city can offer for decades, and one of the members who's got a few decades under his belt is excited to continue the trend.

Vern Crandall has been associated with the Rotary Club for so long that not even he knows the exact number, but he puts himself around the 35-year mark. He says he fell in love with the Rotary Club after seeing what they've been able to do with improving the city.

"You can hardly drive anywhere in Portage without seeing something that Rotary has done over the last 50 plus years," notes Crandall. "Anywhere from Rotary housing to the playground at the Rotary Republic of Manitobah Park to the new duck pond. We're involved with the skate park that's coming up too."

He adds, that since it's inception in Portage in 1951, the club has been involved in a multitude of fundraisers, events, and projects. Crandall mentions one of his favourite events to help out with is the annual vegetable sale, as he loves to chat with people and doesn't get the opportunity to do it that much since his retirement.

"One of the best things about Rotary is just getting together on a weekly basis," explains Crandall. "Getting to listen to speakers that can pique your interest and learning about things that you might not have known about."

He says, in closing, that if you're interested in the Rotary Club, reach out, as they love meeting potential members. To learn more and get in contact with the club, check out their Facebook here.

Crandall mentions, like the other members of Rotary, can't wait to begin work on more projects around Portage.