Another installment has been published in the Mac Series of children's books. Kim Wiebe of MacGregor has been writing illustrated books focused on her son, Mackenzie (Mac) Wiebe, whom they lost to cancer in 2016. They've used the books as a means of raising funds for Central Plains Cancer Services.

Wiebe outlines her newest edition.

"The fourth book has come out and it's called, Best Dog Ever," says Wiebe. "It's a story of our dog, Cooper, and how he didn't like to do anything that most dogs like to do. But what made him the best dog ever is just how he took care of us. When the kids were sick, or when they were hurt, he would come and lick them or cuddle with them. And then at the end of the story, it talks about when our son Mac was sick with cancer, Cooper would come and lay beside him till he would fall asleep, and just take care of him that way."

She says it's about how their dog was more of a huge therapy dog taking care of each of the family members differently. 

Wiebe describes the previous books.

"The first one is called, Jeter's Pants, and then the next one was called, Oops, Sorry About That, and then the third one was called, The Big Catch," notes Wiebe. "They've been selling really well, actually. The support from family and friends, and even across Canada, has been amazing. We've sold quite a few."

She says most sales are coming from her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Central Plains Cancer Services. 

Wiebe notes she's not sure of exactly how much money has been raised by the books, but it's over $5,000.

"When I first started it, I had thought I would do five and then re-evaluate after that," continues Wiebe. "I do have one more to do yet, and then after that, I'll just sit down and just think if this is something that we should keep doing."

She explains the books have touched many lives, including those who also lost a family member lost to cancer. 

"People can identify with losing somebody," adds Wiebe. "It's just been really good, and it's been really good for our family because I include my husband and my children in every single book as to what the topic should be, how we should talk about it, and how we should present it. So for us, personally, it's been a real family personal project, and it's been healing for us." 

Wiebe says the cause they're supporting seems to be why so many people are so supportive. 

"If anyone is interested in purchasing them, they can go to my website, which is, and they can order from there," notes Wiebe.

She says the idea first came about after Mac passed and his close-knit group of friends, who grew up together, would visit and tell funny stories of things they remembered. 

"These guys have some really good stories that we should be able to write down," continues Wiebe. And then from there, it went, 'Oh, let's write this down and put it into children's books.' So, that's kind of how it was just coming from his friends telling stories."