MacGregor, Manitoba residents are experiencing a brief disruption in curbside recycling services due to a malfunctioning baler at Spruce Steel Recycling. Theresa Bergen, the Chief Administrative Officer for the municipality of North Norfolk, shared insights into the situation and the steps being taken to resolve it.

The baler used to compact recycling materials at Spruce Steel Recycling needs parts for repairs, causing delays in the recycling collection service. To avoid a backlog of recycling materials, curbside pickups will be suspended for the next two weeks until the equipment is fixed.

Theresa Bergen acknowledged that some residents may not have received the notice about the temporary suspension. The municipality used its website, Facebook page, and posters around town to inform residents. Theresa highlighted the usefulness of the "Connect" email program, where residents can receive regular updates and crucial announcements by registering on the website.

Theresa Bergen assured the community that they are closely monitoring the situation and will promptly notify residents once the baler is repaired, and recycling operations can resume.

Residents are encouraged to hold on to their recyclable materials or explore alternative recycling options during the two-week suspension. The municipality aims to resolve the issue promptly and resume regular recycling services for the community.

Residents can stay informed through the municipality's website, Facebook page, and the "Connect" email program.