Update issued 9:45 a.m. Monday, May 27, 2024.

Necessary repairs have been completed to get water flowing. Residents have been advised of a precautionary boil water advisory until further notice.

This is a temporary solution; more repairs will be completed going forward, and there will be planned repairs. Notice will be provided as soon as possible.

Previous Update:

An update has been provided for the water shortage and lack of pressure in the Municipality of North Norfolk.

A representative of the Municipality, notes the latest:

"The temporary fix has been completed. We will be sending any updates on to our website and Facebook once we know more. Currently we are on a precautionary boil water advisory until those tests come back clear, McGregor Austin, the whole rural all of municipality. It affects North Norfolk and some other municipalities, as well, because it's coming out of the Portage Reservoir." 

Original report:

The Municipality of North Norfolk released a statement this morning saying a major break in the mainline that provides water to the Municipality of North Norfolk and the entire Yellowhead Regional Water Coop has occurred.

"This has resulted in a water disruption for all rural North Norfolk residents who use municipal water.  MacGregor and Austin residents, and those rural residents whose water comes from the Austin reservoir, will have reduced water pressure and are asked to please conserve water," says the municipality

"It is unknown at this time when the break will be repaired.  Once the water is back on, the municipality will be under a Precautionary Boil Water Advisory until further notice.  Please look for updates on the municipal website www.northnorfolk.ca."

Click below to view large version of advisory: