The Manitoba Airshow is in the books. If you weren't there then you missed some spectacular aerial performances, great food,fantastic organization and beautiful weather. This was how an airshow should be.

In the air, audiences were dazzled by performances from almost a dozen acts including the CF-18 Hornet demonstration and of course, the Snowbirds. On the ground, volunteers were everywhere helping to make sure that everyone had a great time at the event. Air show co-chair Peter Fedak said the volunteers played an important role in making sure everything went smoothly.

Love was quite literally in the air thanks to the Snowbirds"I'm really proud of all of our organizers and volunteers," says Fedak. "For all the work they did and their coordination. We were ready for 20,000 people per day. We got about 5,000-6,000 each day so we proved ourselves that we know how to put this thing together. We know how to organize a proper airshow and we know how to keep the crowd here."

Fedak praised the pilots who spent the afternoon entertaining spectators, as well as telling people they are ready for everyone in two years time.

"The people flying, the professional aviators doing the show from the F-18 to the Snowbirds and all of our other performers were great," says Fedak. "I'm so proud of everyone involved in this event. In 2020, we'll be ready for 20,000 a day so come on out here and have some fun."

If this weekend was any indication, then in two years time, the Manitoba Airshow will again delight all and bring back that nostalgia that we felt from so many years ago before the airshow went on hiatus.