The Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba made two visits with Portage Collegiate Institute students in May.

The Manitoba New Democratic Party leader, Wab Kinew, visited with Portage students after making a trip to the city on May 3 to talk about Indigenous topics.

"I have to say that there were some real go-getters in that class. They were very outspoken young people asking about everything from work at the legislature to balancing work and life," Kinew continues. "I found it to be a really energizing conversation because these youths were obviously thinking a ton."

Kinew says what jumped out to him most from these visits was the back and forth between students regarding the idea of making sure everyone's voice is heard through their vote.

The provincial NDP Leader also took a group of students and educators from the school for a visit to the Manitoba Legislature to learn about Louis Riel and Manitoba's history on May 25.

"I just tried to make the point that here is the founder of our province (Riel), who really articulated some very important ideas to our democracy. Equality, freedom, and liberty, these are the things that Riel was talking about more than 150 years ago. I think so many of those lessons are still relevant to us today." 

Kinew adds that the Manitoba Legislative Building belongs to the people and hopes folks around the province realize that.

"I really do take seriously the idea that this is the people building, and I really encourage people to take advantage of that."