The Vintage Cruisers car show on the island this past Sunday was a first for a visitor from Winnipeg. Olha Herasii recently moved from Ukraine and shares her excitement.

“We never had these kinds of cars back home,” says Herasii. “So, for me, it's very interesting and entertaining to see the cars here. I saw them in movies, but to see them in real life, this is just breathtaking.”

Olha HerassiOlha Herassi (left)

She adds she wishes everyone a great summer and hopes there are more car shows like this in the future.

It’s been a few years since the Mayor of Portage was able to attend the show, but this year was different.  

Mayor Sharilyn Knox had the task of looking over all registered cars and making a decision.

“They gave me the big job of having a Mayor's Choice out of all these vehicles, which was a fun experience,” notes Knox. “I got to go through and look at them all and then just choose the one that I liked the best. I chose the 1965 GMC truck owned by Doug Bodnarchuk from Austin.”

Mayor Knox presetning Mayor's Choice AwardMayor Knox presenting Mayor's Choice Award

Knox adds it was a great turnout and she’s proud of the Vintage Cruisers and happy the day turned out so wonderful, seeing as they always put on a great event.

Mayor's Choice Award winnerMayor's Choice Award winner

President Brad Sanderson says they had to pick the Mayor’s Choice themselves in previous years, but having Mayor Knox present to make the decision was an added bonus.