Although it was a Wednesday, it sure felt like a fry-day in Portage. 

Citizens from around the area celebrated National French Fry Day in style by receiving free fries and hash browns courtesy of McCain while receiving donations for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

Wendy Galagan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Ronald McDonald House Charities Manitoba, explains what makes National French Fry Day special to her organization.

"It is a celebration of the RMHC mission and supporting the work that we do to keep families close to the medical care of their child needs and close to each other during really difficult times."

Galagan explains that it's nice to get out into the communities that the charity supports.

"Our mission is located in Winnipeg because it is close to Health Science Centre's Children Hospital and the Saint Boniface Hospital, and other medical facilities. But, the families that we serve are from rural Manitoba at the Ronald McDonald House. So, this is our community as well. So, it feels incredible to be in the community where their families are coming from."

When it comes to planning an event like this, the CEO explains why all the credit should go to McCain.

"Their planning, like everything they run at their plants, is top notch. So, they've got it down pat, and all the planning in regards to the logistics, volunteers and all the details that go into today, they handle all of that with such care and detail and dedication. So, we couldn't be more thankful."

Galagan notes that the money raised will be going toward building a new Ronald McDonald House.

"Our mission has been serving families for 38 years, and it is time to build a new house based on the growing needs of families," states Galagan. "We are growing from 14 bedrooms which we currently have to 40 bedrooms in our new house. So we're really building for the next 40 or 50 years. To serve families in Manitoba, northwestern Ontario, and surrounding provinces."

With the day now in the rearview mirror, the Ronald McDonald House Manitoba CEO says that her charity and the families they serve are filled with gratitude for their support.

"This is an example of how our mission lives and thrives to be there for families is when communities and caring and generous partners come together, and that certainly was displayed here."