The Portage Community Revitalization Corporation has been steadily growing its ranks for quite some time and its new Indigenous senior resource coordinator is ready to get to work.

Aaron Pierre has stepped into the role and says, even though he's only been with the PCRC for about a week, he wants to step in and make an impact. He goes into detail on what he'll look to do in the role.

"I'm going to be working towards building the indigenous urban indigenous population and connecting them with ceremonies," explains Pierre. "Some of the ceremonies that I'm able to conduct or teach on my own drum making, rattle, making conducting, sharing circles, and making dreamcatchers."

He adds he also can conduct sweat lodge ceremonies as well. Pierre says getting to work with the urban Indigenous population in Portage is very exciting for him. He says he wanted to work with the PCRC because of how much they care about the Indigenous population.

"That's my heritage on my dad's side for me and my family," explains Pierre. "We've lived in Portage for 10 years and I've been looking for something to get involved with the community and this was the perfect opportunity for that."

While he's only been working for around a week, he hopes that when all is said and done, he helps out the urban Indigenous people in Portage for years to come.