In what will likely be considered an exciting update from the Portage and District Chamber of Commerce, construction is coming along on Saskatchewan Avenue West.

According to Executive Director Stefanie Dunn, the flip to the newly completed westbound lanes is underway, all the way to 20th Street. As a result of this change, Dunn believes all northside intersections should open and remain open, which she says is great for business owners and community members. With this update, motorists can get used to the new roadways and safety measures these changes will bring for pedestrians and cyclists.

The following updates are being provided for the south side:

  • Intersection at 18th South of the Avenue will remain open
  • Intersection at 16th South of the Avenue will reopen early in the week
  • Intersection at 8th South of the Avenue will close for excavation and place gravel
  • Intersection at 10th South of the Avenue will be opened with 9th to follow shortly after

Dunn encourages you to take the time to notice the details between 4th and 7th Street that have been added, including planters, benches and bike racks. Last, but not least, line painting to indicate the bike lanes will be done very soon.


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