Wrestling is becoming a more and more popular sport across the world, in part due to the rise of the UFC.

Beau Chartrand of St. Laurent has his sights set on the Pan American Championship in June at just 15 years old, after claiming first place in a tournament in Ottawa last weekend.

"This weekend was Canadian team trials, and Nationals too. All the best from Canada come to compete there, and we're all competing for a spot to be on the Canadian team. I won the first spot, and it's been a dream of mine since I was nine years old."

He notes it's an exciting prospect to be able to go to this type of event.

"I feel very accomplished and proud of myself, and I'm hoping to keep on doing great things like this."

The young man has some time before he heads to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, where the Championships will be held. He shared what his goal is for the tournament.

"The goal, for me, is to go there, do my best, have fun, wrestle hard and have a great experience. Get that experience under my belt and do my best."

Chartrand will represent Canada at the Pan American Championships this summer, June 27-29.