As the number of stray animals continues to rise across Canada, the Portage Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is one of 45 welfare organizations hoping to bring attention to the issue.

Dog Coordinator Kalie Miles says this issue has been brewing for a while now, but they didn't have the resources to do anything about it. That all changed when Feed the Furbabies Canada started the initiative, asking groups like PAWS to join in.

"We've shared the letter with Mayor Sharilyn Knox," explains Miles. "We haven't heard anything back yet, but we want to make sure as many people see the letter as possible to try and help the situation."

Regarding ways to fix the situation, Miles is still determining the steps that need to be taken. Still, she would love to see more rules against breeding and more enforcement about animals in general so that the number of pets needing a home will hopefully go down.

"The goal is for PAWS to not exist," notes Miles. "But because there are so many dogs needing placements, we have to be here."

While this might lead to a negative feeling around the PAWS organization, Miles believes that their voice is being heard and that conversations are starting to be had about this topic.

"It helps having so many rescues all being together and joining together in this cause, especially since we've got rescues from outside of Manitoba wanting to be a part of it," notes Miles. "it's definitely great to see everybody together trying to get this moving for us."