Sources Of Strength (SOS) is a peer led group within Portage Collegiate Institute which looks to help those who have been bullied and prevent harmful acts.

Grade 12 student Nishtha Sharma, a second-year SOS member, says since being in the group, she has had multiple students come to her seeking help.

"We do SOS videos each year, then we send out videos to every class, and they watch it, and if they have any questions or anything, they can always just come up to one of the helpers, and we can just answer or help them with anything they need."

Sharma explains that she, too, has been affected by bullying.

"As someone who's not actually born in Canada and different coloured, it's been hard since I was in kindergarten. It's important to find a group of friends that support you rather than someone who's just what they call a, 'fake friend'," continues the Grade 12 student. "It gets hard, and those you see as friends may turn into someone else. But you always need support from behind you, and when it gets hard when you're getting bullied, you know that you have someone behind you that supports you."

Sharma adds that SOS spreads inclusion and allows students the environment to talk about anything.

Cassie Henderson, a Grade 12 in SOS for the first time this year, talks about her interesting experience in SOS.

"We've done some activities that we try and get everyone included, and you're not like pushed to do them. You can participate at your own will. We try and include everyone, but it's still your choice."

Henderson says being bullied most of her life has given her perspective on helping those who need support.

"We're here to help in any way we can. Even though we are students, there are ways we can help. We can help each other like you don't necessarily have to disclose everything. We're all here to help one another."

LJ Sayson, a Grade 12 student who has been in the group for the last two years, says being a victim of bullying has motivated her to stop others from experiencing what she's been through.

Sayson advises those going through bullying take the first step and reach out to either a parent, friend or mentor.

Bully Prevention and Awareness Week took place in Manitoba schools this past week, (November 13th - 18th.)