Author: Ardin Masson

It's been a busy week in the National Hockey League; the Stanley Cup was won, the league's annual awards were handed out last night and Anaheim made some changes to it's name and logo.

Ducks' forward and Winkler product, Dustin Penner, who recently attended the Portage Terriers annual golf tournament, says Anaheim's playoff run which included winning a seven game series over Calgary, a sweep of Colorado and competing in an emotionally charged Rexall place in Edmonton was the best experience of his life. Penner was playing in the American Hockey League when he was called up to help the Ducks go all the way to the Western Conference finals.

Growing up, Penner was cut from the Winkler Flyers on more than one occassion but he never lost his love for the game or faith in his ability. He says you never know when your break is going to come and if you really love the game you stick with it. He adds that's exactly the formula he followed and it's worked out for him so far.

In regards to his team's future, Penner says he and the rest of the Ducks are really optimistic about what lies ahead. Anaheim recently re-signed Teemu Selanne, and Penner notes that both Selanne and the team collectively think many pieces of the puzzle are in place and they stand a legitimate shot at winning the Stanley Cup next year.

Between now and the start of next season Penner says he will be taking up residence in Winnipeg, as well as making routine visits to Winkler.