The Manitoba Airshow is almost here and many of the performers arrived at Southport yesterday and today, while opening up their planes for media day.

Geoff Latter flies a 1958 Nanching cj-6a and he says while he's never been to Southport before, he's impressed with the facilities here.

Performer Brent Handy(right) and his plane along with Summer Event Staff Reilly Funk."Oh this is a world-class facility here," says Latter. "It's purpose-built for military flight training, Kelowna Flightcraft is world-class at doing this kind of stuff. The facilities here are great."

Brent Handy has been flying airshows since 2012 and has been flying acrobatics in his Pit Special since 2014, a plane that is purpose-built for acrobatics. He actually performed at the last airshow that took place at Southport.

"I'm in the military is my day job, and I never actually trained here," says Handy. "I performed at the last airshow which was really well-attended which the performers loved. I have to say, the organization this time around is really professional and they have all basees covered it's raelly good."

You can check out Geoff, Brett, the Snowbirds, a CF-18 demo team and much more at the Manitoba Airshow when it gets underway tomorrow.