The Portage Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC) has turned to a familiar face to become the new Urban Indigenous Community Coordinator.

Aaron Pierre filled the role on September 5th, following 13 months as the Indigenous Seniors Resource Coordinator. He says Executive Director Mari Kozar and Community Facilitator Rachel Templeton have been giving him feedback as he learns about the position, which he greatly appreciates.

"Right now, (the job is) reading past reports, getting in touch with Urban Indigenous Peoples Coalition members, and getting myself up to speed," explains Pierre. "But, once I get to see everybody in an in-person meeting, I'll have a better idea (about the position)."

He says that the biggest difference he's noticed between the two positions is that his previous role had him in direct contact with those in the community. Now, he'll be focusing more on large-scale event organizing.

"There are so many unique opportunities that PCRC gets to be a part of," says Pierre. "(This new position) opened up a whole new spectrum of opportunities that I get to be a part of."

He urges anyone that wants to become a member of the Urban Indigenous Peoples Coalition to contact the PCRC at 204-240-7272.

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