4-H Clubs around the region scheduled last weekend to do their annual roadside cleanup. 

13-year-old Rhett Murray has been with the 4-H Portage Beef Club for two years and shares how the effort fared.

"We went straight east from the Oakland rink. It was okay. There wasn't much garbage. We're just helping the community out by picking all the garbage up." 

He notes a good group of members showed up, and they did the same route last year. 

"Feels good, I guess," adds Murray. "It's giving back to the community. There wasn't much garbage. Looks like people were taking care of their garbage well."

Murray says they worked along a ten-mile stretch and took about two and a half hours.  

"Everybody gets together. Two people go with each other, and we each take one side of the road," says Murray. "We walk them out and then someone else will take the next, and then we'll walk another mile. We did it last year, too."

He invites you to come and see their calves in Portage at the Portage Ex starting July 7th.  

"We'll be brushing and showing our steers and heifers, and we'll be selling them," adds Murray.