Following the departure of Deb Pritchard, Gary Schilds is the new General Manager at the Portage Golf Club, and he hopes this role is the beginning of a beautiful relation-chip.

Schilds explains that this is his second year at the club. He says he is excited about this role, one that he has served in at courses on the West Coast.

Schilds shares that the first time he played the Portage course was in 1999.

"So, it's been a few years. I didn't quite remember the golf course when I arrived back at it. In fact, on my first day working, I had to go out and check on someone on the golf course and forgot about the GPS on the carts and got trapped behind a hole cause I was too close to a green. So, that was amusing."

Schilds describes the course as an 'Exciting little golf course.'

"I absolutely love the game, and part of my mission for the Portage Golf Club is to promote the game, to grow the game, and create excitement around the game. I'm looking forward to that challenge."

He notes that since arriving in Portage, the people have been very kind to him and his family.

"Very welcoming, it's Friendly Manitoba, and they have been very welcoming."

Schilds talks about his passion for the game.

"I've been playing golf for 50 years. I've loved the game for 50 years. That's one of the beauties of golf, that you can actually play it for a lifetime. I love seeing the stories where 93 and 94-year-old gentlemen are actually out still playing, getting fresh air."

As far as changes go, Schilds says that in life, changes are a part of natural evolution.

"There's always going to be change. We always examine what we have in front of us and see what we can do slightly different to improve it to make the experience more fun for the people coming to the course. And that's what we'll be examining, looking at, and working on."