For Portager Bob Schoonbaert, his love of bikes dates back to his childhood and pedal bikes. And as he grew older, that love carried over to motorcycles, machine he has been riding and tinkering on for more than 50 years.

"I started when I was about 13 years old. I was lucky enough that my dad bought me my first bike and ever since then, I've been hooked on them. Nobody else in the family rode bikes, so I'm not sure where the love came from."

Since getting that first bike as a young teenager, the avid rider comments he has owned more than 50 others which includes everything from street bikes to quads. Schoonbaert heard about the recent Show and Shine at McMunn and Yates in Portage and decided to take his latest bike, a 2004 Harley Davidson Electra Glide CVO to the event.

"I had just brought it out of winter storage and started shining it up a little bit here and there. I wanted to see what the show and shine was all about and the bike was looking pretty clean. I guess they thought it looked pretty good too and I was surprised to be recognized with an award."

While Schoonbaert loves to get out and ride around the province whenever he has a chance, he doesn't have a favorite place. Any open road is welcome.

"One time we rented Harley's in Las Vegas and were driving in the 120-degree heat. That's when I decided to get my latest bike. But I'm not particular to any kind. It's nice to ride in any area and my wife likes to ride too. We just like to go wherever there is an event going on or something like that. Check out new spots."

There is one of those special events this weekend and Schoonbaert will be taking part in it once again - the Manitoba Ride for Dad. The ride has raised over 4 million dollars for the fight against prostate cancer since 2009. More than 1.2 million men in Canada have prostate cancer and 80 percent of them don’t know it. Schoonbaert has ridden in the event before and is excited to take part in it again.

"It is amazing. Everybody starts their bike at the same time, and then everybody's on the throttle revving up. I can't even imagine what it sounds like from the street or the surrounding area. It's pretty incredible. And then over a thousand bikes heading west down Portage Avenue with people lined up to cheer everyone on. For fundraising, this has been my best year so far. I ask for whatever people can give, even just a $5, whatever they feel comfortable with. It's for a good cause." 

To find out more about the ride, click here.