Type-1 diabetes can impact families across the country, and a Portage resident is ready to fight for a cure.

According to diabetes.ca, more than 480 Canadians are diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes every day. Callie McArthur’s nephew Jake Patterson is one of those people and she says Type 1 diabetes has changed the way he has to live his life.

“It's really hard for Jake to be a normal kid,” says McArthur. “It's hard for his family to have any normalcy in their lives too, so it's constant waking up and checking levels, giving more insulin, and as much as anyone can manage it, it’s just haunting.”

While McArthur has run drives in the past, including one which led to her dying her hair for the cause, this time, she’s focused on bracelets and clothing aimed at spreading the word throughout the community. The drive is titled Sick of Pricks.

“Jake has had, since his diagnosis, probably over 6,100 finger pricks, not to mention over 6,100 insulin injections,” explains McArthur. “Imagine that on a 5-year-old kid -- all those needles. We're working on getting some awareness bracelets to match Jake's Medical Alert ID and we'll be selling those to raise money and hopefully find a cure.”

She mentions that she’s ordered crew neck sweaters, hoodies, bibs for babies, and more.

If you’re interested in donating, you can learn more here.