The Founder of Women of Mother Earth Network was another Portage la Prairie resident who recently received the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee medallion and pin in Carman. Angela Roulette says she also received a similar honour ten years ago. 

"I was really impressed when I read the letter that notified me of the award the second time because it said, 'Congratulations'," says Roulette. "I'm sure it said that to everybody, all of us. But when I read, 'For the work that you do in the community and the country,' that's when it really hit me that, 'Oh yeah. I guess I do things for this country.' It's for the good of all, and that would be our country."

She says she was thrilled that MP Candice Bergen was able to make the presentation.

Roulette shares what happened when she received her first recognition ten years ago.

"The first one I got back in 2012, and I never thought I'd receive such a thing," continues Roulette. "They said it was for my volunteering. I thought, 'Volunteering?' One of the things we did was a Christmas dinner. Our women's group had been putting on a dinner for the last 12 years, and then COVID happened. But I just thought it just became a part of a Portage Christmas thing, for me, anyway. It brought the people together. We enjoyed food together. We had music, and people from all walks of life were there. It wasn't just for people that didn't have turkey dinner that day."

She notes the meals were intended for everyone to simply be in a good place on that one day, and not be alone. 

"We ended up doing that for 12 years, and we haven't continued yet," adds Roulette. "I thought this year, maybe. And then all of a sudden, COVID's still not finished with us. So, we'll have to wait."

Roulette says this recent medallion was for more of that same sort of work that she's done, including raising awareness about homelessness. 

"Way back, we did a dinner to talk about the issue of homelessness," says Roulette. "Then there was, of course, the missing and murdered women. I started a petition, got over 500 signatures, and sent it on its way to Ottawa, for all the good it did. So, we're always touching on things that we can do around Portage la Prairie and the surrounding area, and we do get the surrounding area involved with us, as well. The local reserves have also contributed to our Christmas dinner. Then, of course, the people from the surrounding reserves still come and share that meal with us."

She explains she initially thought of how many actually do get two medallions in their lifetimes.

"I guess I'm getting big there when I say that, 'In my lifetime'," notes Roulette. "It's quite a good feeling, not that I needed to get a pat on the back for this. Candice (Bergen) had been to our dinner a couple of times and I had to laugh at what she saw going on there. She saw all the fun and laughs that everybody was having. She just kept saying, 'Oh, this is wonderful!' When I think back, it was a wonderful thing to have. There were so many people. We get over 150, maybe. It's hard to say. People come and go, and the newcomers have come and joined us, as well, which was one of the groups I wanted to see involved."

Roulette says she's always wanted to help the homeless. She adds she knew that many were not from the Portage area, but those whom she could also help.


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