Beautiful things happen when the Portage la Prairie community supports local businesses.

Jan Verwey, the owner of Tornados, made a post on the restaurant's Facebook page, asking for support through the continued construction on Saskatchewan Avenue, and the response from Portage residents was massive.

file photoConstruction outside of Tornados restaurant in Portage.

"As some people may have noticed, there's been some ongoing construction on Saskatchewan Avenue. It's noticeable when it's going on because it makes it a little harder for people to come in to eat. So, they end up going somewhere else. I absolutely understand that, and I would never fault anyone for making that decision," Veryway told PortageOnline. "Unfortunately, that affects our sales and then, of course, the hours that are available to staff."

On top of the construction, Verway notes that the restaurant is having the parking lot surrounding the building paved, making it next to impossible for anyone to come in to eat.

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"On Tuesday night, I posted on Facebook to see if there was an alternate way to bring in some business. I explained the situation and offered to deliver some meals, and the community really came out in full force! We had quite a few people that were able to make it in to eat, and we had so many delivery orders I had to ask my sister to come and help me deliver them all. It's absolutely amazing how many people have supported us throughout everything. Covid, snowstorms, staff shortages and now construction. We wouldn't be able to stay open if it wasn't for the continued support of this community."

She added that while the construction project will continue this summer, the parking lot should be finished next week.

"I promise, all this hassle everyone is going through will be worth it in the end. I know it's going to sound cheesy... but I honestly wouldn't want to live anywhere else."

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